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Extremely accurate; very well placed or perfectly judged. (Used especially of maneuvers, moves, or shots in sport.) Primarily heard in UK. With only a few seconds left, the striker managed an inch-perfect goal from midfield.

let (the) perfect be the enemy of (the) good

To allow the demand, desire, or insistence for perfection decrease the chances of obtaining a good or favorable result in the end. (Usually used in the negative as an imperative.) I know you want your research paper to be great, but don't let perfect be the enemy of good, or you won't even finish it in time! As a manager, you have to realize both the potential and the limits of your employees, so be sure not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
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perfect storm

A chance or rare combination of individual elements, circumstances, or events that together form a disastrous, catastrophic, or extremely unpleasant problem or difficulty. The incumbent mayor's re-election campaign is getting underway amidst a perfect storm of allegations and news stories about corruption, tax evasion, and racketeering within the city's government. The oil crisis has set off a perfect storm in the Middle East, where foreign leaders have depended on its economic stability to keep their warring countries from absolute chaos and anarchy.
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Reaching or conveying the exactly right note or tone. The phrase refers to music but it is often applied to writing and other things. After her pitch-perfect rendition, I definitely think we should ask Meredith to join the choir. This is a pitch-perfect parody of Hemingway's writing style, don't you think?

picture perfect

Exactly as desired in every detail. (Hyphenated if used before a noun.) My goodness, what a party. Everything was picture perfect. She's obsessed with having a picture-perfect wedding.
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practice makes perfect

Practicing or repeatedly doing something will make one become proficient or skillful at it. A: "I just can't seem to get the rhythm of this song quire right." B: "Keep at it—practice makes perfect!" You can't expect to start a new sport and be amazing at it right away. As is always the case, practice makes perfect.
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in a perfect world

If things existed or happened exactly as one would like. Well, in a perfect world I'd be able to take time off for paternity leave without having it affect my pay, but at least I get to take the time off at all! Well, we'd be able to provide healthcare services to every citizen without charge in a perfect world, but unfortunately that's never going to happen.
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in an ideal world

If things existed or happened exactly as one would like. Well, in an ideal world I'd be able to take time off for paternity leave without having it affect my pay, but at least I get to take the time off at all! Well, we'd be able to provide healthcare services to every citizen without charge in an ideal world, but unfortunately that's never going to happen.
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match for

1. Someone who is well suited to someone else, especially as a romantic partner. We're actually a perfect match for one another, despite our differences in personality—maybe even because of those differences. I think he would be a good match for you—just go on one date and see how you get on!
2. Someone who able to stand up to or compete against someone else with equal strength or skill. Often used in negative constructions. They've had an impressive run this season, but the young team is just no match for the returning champions. No one put much faith in the young defense attorney, but he has proven a match for the state prosecutor.
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perfect stranger

Someone with whom one has absolutely no previous association. My mom and dad didn't come to see our son until he was nearly three years old, so, to him, they were perfect strangers! She thought it was terribly funny to go up to perfect strangers and begin conversations with them as if they had been lifelong friends.
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match for (someone, something, or an animal)

someone, something, or an animal that is the equal of someone, something, or some other animal, especially in a contest. My older brother is no match for me; he's much weaker. Your horse is no match for mine in a race. Mine will always win.
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perfect stranger

 and total stranger
Fig. a person who is completely unknown [to oneself]. I was stopped on the street by a perfect stranger who wanted to know my name. If a total stranger asked me such a personal question, I am sure I would not answer!
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picture perfect

Fig. looking exactly correct or right. (Hyphenated as a modifier.) At last, everything was picture perfect. Nothing less than a picture-perfect party table will do.
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Practice makes perfect.

Prov. Cliché Doing something over and over again is the only way to learn to do it well. Jill: I'm not going to try to play the piano anymore. I always make so many mistakes. Jane: Don't give up. Practice makes perfect. Child: How come you're so good at peeling potatoes? Father: I did it a lot in the army, and practice makes perfect.
See also: make, perfect, practice

practice makes perfect

Frequently doing something makes one better at doing it, as in I've knit at least a hundred sweaters, but in my case practice hasn't made perfect. This proverbial expression was once put as Use makes mastery, but by 1560 the present form had become established.
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practice makes perfect

COMMON People say practice makes perfect to mean that if you practise something enough, you will eventually be able to do it perfectly. It is like learning to ride a bike. You may fall off a few times but practice makes perfect.
See also: make, perfect, practice

practice makes perfect

regular exercise of an activity or skill is the way to become proficient in it.
See also: make, perfect, practice

ˌpractice makes ˈperfect

(saying) a way of encouraging people by telling them that if you do an activity regularly you will become very good at it: If you want to learn a language, speak it as much as you can. Practice makes perfect!
See also: make, perfect, practice

in an ˌideal/a ˌperfect ˈworld

used to say that something is what you would like to happen or what should happen, but you know it cannot: In an ideal world we would be recycling and reusing everything.
See also: ideal, perfect, world
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