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percolate through (something)

To pass through something that is not entirely solid, such as a mesh or porous material. The wind ripped the shingles off the roof, allowing the rain to percolate through it.
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percolate through something

[for a liquid] to seep down through something. The water percolated through the coffee grounds too slowly for Fred, who was just dying for a hot cup of the stuff. The water percolated through the subsoil and appeared again at the bottom of the hill.
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2a and b, we define 1 - [gamma] the volume fraction of the percolating phase and [gamma][empty set] the volume fraction of the dispersed phase.
Do I sense a certain disbelief in women's common sense percolating here?
The heated national health care reform debate of the summer of 1993 has now simmered down, but pieces of the debate are still percolating along at the state level.
However, they're developing their own movement, feeding off the energy that's percolating in Northern California.
Percolating along with stripped-down rhythms and teasing lyrics, the lead single, "Double Fantasy II," is pure TRL fodder, right down to the video (shot by Justin Kelly), which features synchronized dancing and a scantily clad Schwartz and company romping in a bubbling Jacuzzi.
Stevie Wonders emphatic harmonica adds spice to the upbeat, inspirational "U Might Win," while Kem talks to God on "Each Other." The percolating, upbeat "Get Lifted" makes listeners pat their feet and move their heads.
Peter Hujar (1934-1987) is a hard photographer to pin down--to brand, so to speak--which might be one reason why his reputation is still percolating from "insider's insider" status toward the mainstream.
Sunlight percolating down the lengths of the tubes gives the ends a seductive orange glow.
One leading proposal suggests that the gullies formed when water percolating just beneath the surface built up enough pressure to break through an overlying cap of ice and spill along the surface (SN: 7/1/00, p.
For now, bio-diesel fuel is percolating through 10 vehicles monitored by the Instituto Virtual Internacional de Mudancas Globais, the technology and research center at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.
The opening tableau vivant places him behind an eerie translucent scrim of black Washi paper, subtly percolating. Another time, he sits in the audience for an uneasy nap while onstage events unfold, like the White King's dream.
Four areas--religion, Americanization, race and feminism--are seen to reflect both the conservative tenor of these Progressive-era settlements and the reform impulses which the author still finds percolating through.
Is your career really percolating, or is work just an espresso daily grind?
While much of the credit (as usual) is due another--in this case, producer Trevor Horn--McLaren mixed then-nascent East Coast hip-hop, radio-DJ prattle, scratching, Zulu, Brazilian and Caribbean music with layers of classical strings, percolating New Wave synthesizer, the double-Dutch rhymes of Harlem schoolgirls, and Appalachian hillbilly songs.