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percolate through (something)

To pass through something that is not entirely solid, such as a mesh or porous material. The wind ripped the shingles off the roof, allowing the rain to percolate through it.
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percolate through something

[for a liquid] to seep down through something. The water percolated through the coffee grounds too slowly for Fred, who was just dying for a hot cup of the stuff. The water percolated through the subsoil and appeared again at the bottom of the hill.
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Zoltan Olah, co-founder of Percolate Studio, will lead Meteor customer success to ensure developers, startups, and enterprises alike have the necessary support to build apps.
Soil percolate was measured initially by random manual measurements on each plot and subsequently by tipping bucket flow gauges (Unidata America-Model 6406H, Lake Oswego, OR) that continuously monitored percolate volume.
Percolate as you would ordinary coffee grounds and serve with raw, unheated honey and cream.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 29, 2015-Meteor to acquire Percolate Studio
Scottsdale, AZ, February 10, 2015 --( The Percolate LMS[TM] received recognition once again as one of the Top 50 learning management systems in the world by E-Learning 24/7, according to their 2015 rankings report.
As rents in Manhattan continue to percolate to never before seen levels (in some trophy buildings rents are topping $100 per square foot), who knows what to expect.
Many have been won by younger practices, such as Ofis, but it is perhaps too early to tell whether the fresh thinking generated by youthful brio will percolate more meaningfully around the state subsidised housing system.
His MP has raised the matter in the House of Commons so hopefully he's donning dungarees as you read this, but why doesn't the Government's undoubted desire to see a skilled workforce percolate down to the employment centre?
Superb at narrative foreplay, McCann lets the story's homoeroticism percolate for 300 pages before anything is consummated.
coli can percolate down through the soil and eventually reached groundwater, says Russell.
As the company gets bigger, ideas to drive the innovation and growth have to percolate up from within the ranks and the CEO becomes much more of a filter and culler of ideas, while in the beginning, an entrepreneur needs to see through the amorphous fog and see the outlines of the initial ideas himself." Melton gives himself between a C- and a C+ for his managerial skills, but "hopefully close to an A- when it comes to seeing through amorphous fogs."
Scottsdale, AZ, July 24, 2014 --( According to the Top 50 LMS Mid-Year 2014 Rankings Report, the Percolate LMS[TM], still ranked as a Top 50 learning management system (LMS), received additional recognition this month as the second best LMS in the Small Business Market (1-499) category.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 27, 2014-WPP Digital buys into Percolate
The upper sleeping floor is fabricated from expanded metal mesh, through which light can percolate, and the interior is predominantly white (white walls, white floors, white stairs, white fittings) to promote the general illusion of spaciousness.
But salt deposits require water to percolate through rocks for millions of years, Christensen says.