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perceive (someone or something) as (something)

To regard, consider, or think of someone or something as having or exhibiting the characteristics of something. Often used in passive constructions. I know you don't perceive this issue as anything serious, but I'm warning you—it could escalate into a full-blown financial crisis! The thought of being perceived as a loser fills makes me feel worse than actually failing at something.
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perceive someone or something as something

to think of someone or something as something or as displaying certain characteristics. I perceive Randy as sort of hotheaded. We all perceive this problem as solvable.
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The largest gap is for those aged 65 years or over where 45% of men perceived their health status as good or very good compared to 39% of women.
Scholars have found that TPACK is positively related to teacher self-efficacy, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness of technology, and intention to use technology (Abbitt, 2011; Alsofyani et al., 2012; Horzum&Gungoren, 2012; Liu, 2011; Sahin, Celik, Akturk, & Aydin, 2013; Semiz&Ince, 2012).
On the other hand, almost 1 in 5 persons aged 16 or over perceived their health as bad or very bad in Croatia (18.7 per cent), followed by Lithuania (16.9 per cent), Portugal (15.9 per cent), Latvia (15.6 per cent), Estonia (14.4 per cent), Poland (13.6 per cent) and Hungary (13.2 per cent).
Liaw and Huang (2006) studied the effects of perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness on search engine use.
The current study explored the association of mindfulness as mediator, resilience as independent variable and perceived stress as dependent variable among university students.
"The feeling was that dominance by Governor Waiguru may not augur well with Ruto's 2012 plans, hence the need to keep Nanok who is perceived as tough," a source said.
2) What is the influence of green perceived quality, green perceived risk and green perceived value on green purchase intention towards eco-friendly brand laundry detergent powder?
In addition to body size, the researchers looked at the connection between perceived attractiveness and substance use.
Perceived Usefulness / Perceived Ease of Use and Online Group Buying
This study was conducted to examine the relationship between parental psychological control and perceived stress level in national sports.
We conducted a single-factor (type of expression: conventional metaphor, novel metaphor, nonmetaphorical expression) between-subjects experiment with text perception (cognitive, affective) and issue viewpoint as dependent variables and perceived novelty and perceived aptness of the metaphors as control variables.
The creation of superior quality is perceived as one of the most important characteristics of differentiation (Phillip, Chang, & Buzzell, 1983).
This study examined perception of parental monitoring as a moderator of perceived parental approval of drinking and alcohol use (quantity, frequency) among undergraduate students (N = 632).
Many research results show that customer interaction in service encounter are widely used as a service industry phenomenon, has an important influence on customer perceived value (Weiwei, 2014; Yujing, 2015), perceived risk and purchase intention of customer service, so the research on these issues has important significance for customer relationship management for service enterprises smoothly (Liang, 2005).
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