perceive as

perceive someone or something as something

to think of someone or something as something or as displaying certain characteristics. I perceive Randy as sort of hotheaded. We all perceive this problem as solvable.
References in classic literature ?
But the rams need only cease to suppose that all that happens to them happens solely for the attainment of their sheepish aims; they need only admit that what happens to them may also have purposes beyond their ken, and they will at once perceive a unity and coherence in what happened to the ram that was fattened.
D'Artagnan, stranger as he was to all the manners of a court, could not but perceive a little coldness in this reception.
Since individual effort is a finite resource allocated among various responsibilities, people will select those tools they perceive as the easiest to use but will still allow them to complete a given task.
What they perceive as no threat to their lives can, in fact, become lethal.
In one study they took psychology findings that people tend to react more positively to people they perceive as teammates and tried an almost laughably primitive experiment.
This finding offers the first support for the idea that infants organize speech sounds around what adults perceive as good examples of units of speech, the investigators maintain.