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perceive (someone or something) as (something)

To regard, consider, or think of someone or something as having or exhibiting the characteristics of something. Often used in passive constructions. I know you don't perceive this issue as anything serious, but I'm warning you—it could escalate into a full-blown financial crisis! The thought of being perceived as a loser fills makes me feel worse than actually failing at something.
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perceive someone or something as something

to think of someone or something as something or as displaying certain characteristics. I perceive Randy as sort of hotheaded. We all perceive this problem as solvable.
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"In fact, tablet PCs actually provide an advantage over e-ink readers and the printed page that is not consciously perceivable - the information is processed more easily when a tablet PC is employed.
S Gopalakrishnan (Kris), Chairman, India Innovation Summit & VP, CII & Executive CO-Chairman, Infosys Ltd, said "In Bangalore one can find people who are working in every perceivable industry in the world.
The only perceivable competition came from that of privateer C D Jinan who secured the second position.
Confidence in the military in Pakistan historically has been about that high, which suggests this incident has not had any perceivable negative effect on the image the military enjoys among the Pakistani public.
Bill Rietow, GM lead development engineer, said, 'Interactive Drive Control links vehicle systems together, changing perceivable vehicle characteristics as it adapts to driver inputs.'
We're in it together, and this surpasses all humanly perceivable crisis options.
The role of the physical therapist as expert in development and implementation of community based exercise program is perceivable.
"With the Ospreys, every time they don't play well - which is fairly often - there is no perceivable pattern of play."
*PCW -- The driver is warned via a short yet perceivable brake pulse and/or automatic seat belt retraction.
I am pleased that the horse welfare charities appear to have avoided any perceivable financial impact in these difficult times.
"The company listened, sited turbines well away from housing, and there has been no perceivable noise."
What happens when designers interpret a clear, logical, intuitively perceivable style with even more power, muscle and passion than ever before can be seen in the new Passat: design united with innovative technologies catapult the saloon into a sportier, more sophisticated, class-transcending dimension in the greatest evolutionary step since the series was first created.