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pepper with (something)

1. To sprinkle, dot, or cover some surface thing with a lot of something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "pepper" and "with." Birds have peppered the various statues with poo, making for some very unsightly tourist attractions. Their entire house has been peppered with the kids' toys—you can't walk anywhere without tripping over something!
2. To add a lot of something interspersed or intermixed into something else, especially something spoken such as a story, speech, lecture, etc. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "pepper" and "with." He always peppered his lessons with funny anecdotes and skits to help the students really engage with the material. My uncle can't tell a story without peppering it with various embellishments and mistruths.
3. To shower or rain down on someone or something with small projectiles or missiles. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "pepper" and "with." Riot police peppered the protestors with rubber bullets and tear gas.
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1. A stimulant of some kind; that which quickly imparts energy and alertness. I find that yerba mate tea is a much better pepper-upper than coffee—it gives you the same boost, without making you feel jittery or on-edge.
2. Something that increases enthusiasm, optimism, or eagerness. I hate these public speakers they bring in—they're meant to be pepper-uppers, but they just come across as totally phony to me.


A mottled mixture of black, grey, and white. Usually used in reference to hair. Her salt-and-pepper hair gave our teacher a look of distinction and authority.
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pepper someone or something with something

to shower someone or something with something, such as stones, bullets, etc. The angry crowd peppered the police with stones. The sheriff's posse peppered the bandit's hideout with bullets.
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pepper with

1. To intersperse something with something else, especially to make it more exciting, interesting, or colorful: She peppers her stories with interesting details. Our vacation consisted of long days at the beach peppered with exciting trips to the city.
2. To sprinkle liberally with something; dot with something: The kids have peppered the backyard with lost marbles.
3. To be sparsely distributed across something; dot something. Used in the passive: The green plain was peppered with small yellow shrubs.
4. To attack someone or something with or as if with small missiles: The attackers peppered the castle wall with a hail of bullets.
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n. an amphetamine tablet or capsule; a pep pill. I need me a little pepper-upper. Can I have a prescription?

salt and pepper

1. n. a black and white police car. There is a salt and pepper around the corner waiting for speeders.
2. mod. interracial, including black and white. It was sort of a salt and pepper meeting, with representatives from all neighborhoods.
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Pepper Palace started as a small hot sauce kiosk in a Central Wisconsin Mall, where Craig and Tanya Migawa grew the company for the next 8 years.
Spider webbing across your face is the trigeminal nerve, which picks up the heat sensation in peppers and delivers feelings of pain and temperature along the jawline, cheeks and mucous membranes.
Add the red pepper strips and continue sweating for a further three minutes.
The total revenue from the sale of chili peppers in the world is expected to exceed $30 billion in 2017.
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4 Pound the basil in a pestle and mortar until you have a paste like consistency, mix with the mayonnaise, a squeeze of lime and season with salt and pepper.
Most early descriptions of peppers in Mexico and the West Indies appear to refer to the hot types, and this could be for a variety of reasons.
The primary substance that controls the "hotness" in peppers is called capsaicin and it is found in small quantities in capsicum or bell peppers and that's the reason they are not hot as compared to chilli, which is rich in capsaicin.
Habanero hot peppers can be dark green, red, or yellow (depending on ripeness).
"Extensive genetic diversity is present in the Capsicum gene pool, which includes cultivated peppers," states Stommel.
Consumption of pepper accounts for about 20% of the average vegetable consumption per person per day in Nigeria [2, 4].
INGREDIENTS 1 large red onion, cut into 1/2-inch slices 4 fl oz extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for brushing Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 green bell peppers 2 red bell peppers 2 fl oz balsamic vinegar 4 hot or sweet Italian sausages (or a mix) 4 Italian hoagie or submarine rolls, split 4 jarred pickled hot chilli peppers (optional) METHOD 1.
Capsaicin, which is most prevalent in red peppers, has been shown to have anti-cancer properties.
Pepper is another archetypal foodstuff that's been with us since the dawn of trading.