people with

people something with someone

to provide population for something or some place, using someone or some kind of people. The government decided to people the frontier with a variety of races. The island had been peopled with marooned sailors.
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Older people with HIV/AIDS need help coping both emotionally and physically with the disease.
People with schizophrenia often suffer terrifying symptoms such as hearing internal voices not heard by others, or believing that other people are reading their minds, controlling their thoughts, or plotting to harm them.
Four of the original models of programs serving people with disabilities developed in those early years are described below:
Because it's not just redemption for the inmate, but for the chaplain, who believes that all you do is zap people with the sacraments and that's all that religion entails.
Most people with diabetes do not develop nephropathy that is severe enough to cause ESRD.
In 2004, an adult, non-institutionalized American is much more likely to be completely isolated from people with whom he or she could discuss important matters than in 1985," says the study, titled "Social Interaction in America.
We need to focus on recruiting, training, and retaining people with the right attributes, skills, and attitudes to do this job well.
Jean Vanier offers a simple summary of the purpose of the small community he began in 1964: "The secret of L'Arche is relationship: meeting people heart to heart; listening to people with their pain, their joy, their hope, their history.
Penninx and her colleagues have also found that elderly people with anemia lose more muscle strength over a 4-year period than do people who don't have anemia.
For example, Melendez says, most research being done today on people with HIV is done on people of color with HIV.
Companies, agencies, and organizations are composed of individuals with their own attitudes and beliefs about people with disabilities.
In addition to healthy lean people and smokers, the lean include people with cancer, emphysema, congestive heart failure, liver disease, dementia, and other illnesses that lead to weight loss and, eventually, death.
Because of the fragility of people with CD4 below 200, we didn't want to take the risk with them.
Initiatives to raise awareness of hepatitis C; prevent new infections; offer potentially life-saving hepatitis A and B vaccinations; and diagnose, monitor, and treat people with hepatitis C have been hampered by inadequate funding.
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