pension off

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pension someone off

to retire someone with a pension. The company tried to pension me off before I was ready to retire. They pensioned off the long-time workers.
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According to Nepalnews, the new government is preparing to revoke the previous government's decision to pension off the generals through a cabinet decision.
PHIL Taylor's rivals have been urged to pension off 'The power' Taylor will be a red-hot favourite to claim another major televised tournament this year when the Sky Poker World Grand Prix in Dublin gets underway tomorrow.
PA national security adviser Jibril Rajoub, said the decision to pension off senior security chiefs was "part of the effort to put the internal and national situation in order".
While Democrats have permitted a Washington consultancy class to become comfortably entrenched, Republicans have effectively begun to pension off their own establishment.
Giggs, in his column with The Western Mail today, says the people ready to sell or pension off half of Sir Alex Ferguson's title-winning team have suddenly gone quiet.
He is not the sharpest skewer on the barbie, but Warner and Smith will give the Aussies something to build around when they pension off Clarke, Rogers, Shane Watson and perhaps Adam Voges too.
2million of taxpayers' cash earmarked for UVF community projects as "blood money" to pension off the gunmen.