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penis wrinkle

vulgar slang A juvenile insult for someone considered despicable. Said almost exclusively of a male. A: "I heard the CEO got 15 years in prison." B: "Good. That penis wrinkle deserves every single minute of it."
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Suck my penis!

rude slang Used as an expression of anger, dismissal, or contempt. A more puerile form of the vulgar expression "Suck my dick/cock." A: "You're a real asshole!" B: "Yeah, well you can suck my penis!" A: "Wow, what are you, 12?"
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penis wrinkle

n. a despised person, usually a male. (Also a term of address.) Get out of here, penis wrinkle.
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With this second procedure the surgeon makes a cut above the penis and severs the ligament that anchors it, thereby, to all intents and purposes, lengthening the penis.
Further research could 'explore such trade-offs by examining relative weapon and penis size in relation to private property value', he said.
In October 2017, a Florida man who flew to Chicago to cut off the penis of his ex-girlfriend's new lover was arrested and his bail was set at $1 million.
The first warning signs are a painful erection or a lump in the shaft of your penis when it's flaccid.
As obesity rates in the US continue to rise [1], the prevalence of concealed penis can also be expected to rise.
Redett said a veteran suffering from a blast injury could need to have not just his penis replaced but also the scrotum, part of the abdominal wall, groin tissue and part of the inner thigh.
In our experience in modified repair, the dysplastic dartos and distal fibrous band of penis should be resected completely to loosen and straighten the penile shaft sufficiently.
Tuberculous gangrene of the penis. Indian J Urol 2000; 17: 51-2.
The reason for this is that in any hypospadius repair, some foreskin from the back or "dorsum" of the penis has to be brought around to help cover the front side of the shaft of the penis.
Warts are a common sexually transmitted infection and can occur on the penis, scrotum or groin.
"Today I circumcised a baby with the smallest penis I've ever seen -- a 'micro penis'," wrote the rabbi and added: "Just so you understand, it was slightly thicker than a matchstick; at first I thought it was a girl" May this small one grow to greatness."
I miss the penis. I feel like a word with no vowels; no one wants
Rabbit penis of vascular or musculocavernos and formed from the three part, root, body and free part [2,3,8].