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penetrate (something) with (something)

To use something in order to pierce something else. We'll have to penetrate the rock layer with dynamite. The sniper penetrated the armored window with a high-caliber, high-velocity rifle.
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penetrate into (someone or something)

To pierce, enter into, and stop inside of someone or something. The bullet penetrated into my chest through the body armor, but it thankfully did not pierce my heart or lungs. All kinds of radio waves penetrate into us throughout the day, but none are known to be harmful.
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penetrate through (someone or something)

To pierce and pass completely through someone or something. The bullet penetrated through my body armor, but thankfully only pierced the skin of my chest. I hate getting X-rays—I just feel like anything that can penetrate through you is probably not the safest thing in the world!
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penetrate into someone or something

to pierce into someone or something; to stick deep into someone or something. The lance penetrated into the knight, right through his armor. The bullet penetrated into the wall.
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penetrate something with something

to pierce something with something. I could not even penetrate the steel door with a cold chisel. It was easy to penetrate the lid with a can opener.
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penetrate through something

to pierce all the way through something. (Some people will view the through as redundant.) The bullet could not penetrate through the metal plating. It did not have enough force to penetrate through the steel.
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Caption: The M855 bullet weighs 62 grains and has a steel penetrator in the nose.
The cost for one year of Cloud Penetrator scanning on one IP address is EUR99 or USD129.
Not only is this performance much better than the M855's with its smaller steel penetrator, it is vastly better than the M80 7.62mm round.
To measure penetration depth of penetrator, both for static load hardness tests and impact ones, and impact speed and elastic recoil speed (in impact load hardness tests), a differential inductive displacement sensor is used, in contact to the mobile core of charging electromagnet coil, composed of two electric coils 13,14, and a mobile core 15.
The penetrators are for the proposed UK-led Moonlite mission to the Moon, which could be ready for launch in 2013.
The robust nuclear earth penetrator, designed to burrow and destroy deeply buried and hardened targets using high-yield nuclear warheads, was a response to the caves and bunkers encountered in Afghanistan.
The Robust Penetrator is a frightening example of the development of a weapon for a specific tactical mission without regard for the catastrophic collateral damage that could be caused by its use.
Soon after the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Bush Administration made a push for new nuclear programs, the most conspicuous of which was the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP), designed to destroy deeply buried bunkers.
The inside rusher (End) is the penetrator. He must get penetration to the inside hip of the OT.
SGT Jim Nuzzi hooks onto a jungle penetrator before being winched to the ground during a medical evacuation training exercise.
"The multiple sizes of high-performance explosively formed penetrator warheads contained in the kit enable accurate remote demolition.
Avitronics (Centurion, South Africa) is developing a protection system for armored vehicles that will deflect kinetic long-rod penetrator rounds fired from tank guns.
The Adventures of Ali and Ali and the Axes of Evil takes place during the Western reoccupation of the Middle East, when Ali and Ali decide to seize a theatre on the northern edge of Pax America, using song and dance, 25-mm m919 Armour Piercing Video and BLU-116 Penetrator Sock Puppets.
When DU burns through a target, between 40 and 70 percent of every penetrator turns into fragments, smoke and uranium oxide dust.
Each unit is equipped with test blocks and a single-diamond penetrator; however, the twin-digital tester includes two-diamond penetrators.