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penetrate (something) with (something)

To use something in order to pierce something else. We'll have to penetrate the rock layer with dynamite. The sniper penetrated the armored window with a high-caliber, high-velocity rifle.
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penetrate into (someone or something)

To pierce, enter into, and stop inside of someone or something. The bullet penetrated into my chest through the body armor, but it thankfully did not pierce my heart or lungs. All kinds of radio waves penetrate into us throughout the day, but none are known to be harmful.
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penetrate through (someone or something)

To pierce and pass completely through someone or something. The bullet penetrated through my body armor, but thankfully only pierced the skin of my chest. I hate getting X-rays—I just feel like anything that can penetrate through you is probably not the safest thing in the world!
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"But they had bright blue eyes, just like him - penetratingly blue eyes and I just got a weird uneasy feeling again.
Of particular interest are the previously untranslated pieces, including a 1912 review essay, 'Recent Research in Logic', in which Husserl's Logical Investigations first appear for Heidegger as 'penetratingly profound' and with 'far-reaching significance' (33) in breaking the spell of psychologism.
At the same time, the use of tractors and other new farm equipment has penetratingly reduced the need for farm labor.
Earlier, EBB had employed a child in "The Romance of the Swan's Nest" (1844) (52) to illustrate how literature constructs gender stereotypes, and the poem implies women's need for a literature which more penetratingly analyzes their social position.
The Queen of the Night must be daunting for a young soprano, and UBC grad Ni Shi handled the technical demands penetratingly, albeit with room to grow into the dramatic expectations of the touchstone coloratura challenge.
Bohm argues persuasively that the basic moral configuration in Faust can be seen as structured by tropes familiar from the epistemology of epic: Mephistopheles leads Faust deeper into the seductions of curiositas and so towards the violation of sophia, represented by Gretchen and her penetratingly simple insights into his condition ("wie hast du's mit der Religion?").
Without it, the repercussions of war on welfare become obvious much more quickly and penetratingly; war weariness would set in much earlier" (1983, 163).
I was mortified that my appointment with the Judge had become so penetratingly unprofessional; I was certain that I would soon be off the project.
Binder's emotional observations are penetratingly honest but never sentimental, cathartic without being manipulative, offering tentative hope and healing rather than a pat sunny ending.
Heather Laird's utterly fascinating and penetratingly insightful work makes sense of this legal ascent from subversion to farce.
"Do you enjoy playing Frankie?" she asked Stephenson, penetratingly. (She does.)
The problems and nature of visual evidence are penetratingly dealt with in Sophie Harent's discussion of painting the city.
Personal testimony is penetratingly down-to-earth, sometimes moving and occasionally humorous.
Gunder could be ornery and sweet, fatalistic yet hopeful that sensible arguments might eventually make a difference, penetratingly visionary and riveted to the mundane intricacies of international law, admired and despised.