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Irrespective of age and gender all cases of penetrating carotid artery injuries in zone II of neck managed by one vascular surgeon were included in the study.
This case series included all the patients who presented to the Cardiothoracic Surgery department at our tertiary care center (AKUH) with penetrating cardiac trauma regardless of whether they underwent surgery.
These 100 cases were classified into penetrating and non-penetrating types according to the standard classification based on history and physical findings.
Penetrating foreign bodies are challenging to trace in the thoracic or abdominal organs as the exact location is difficult to assess on radiography or ultrasonography.
This study presents an extremely rare case of sacral penetrating injury with a wooden object.
In conclusion, penetrating orbital injuries caused by wooden fragments that extend into the intracranial space are rare but potentially life-threatening.
To evaluate common complications of blunt and penetrating abdominal trauma.
CT angiography has been shown to be highly accurate in diagnosing a myriad of penetrating neck injuries; thus, it has become the evaluation workhorse for patients with such injuries.
The group comprised 615 victims of blunt trauma (55.7%) and 490 of penetrating trauma (44.3%) (Fig.
This study aimed to report authors' experiences with associated bladder/rectal injuries in the last 22 years, bringing to light the importance of being aware of such injuries when treating a penetrating trauma.
The product represents an advanced cuing and penetrating sealer technology that can be used on most concrete finishes.
Ultrasonics allow engineers to measure and monitor the interfaces between components, such as the penetrating oils and the threads on bolts.
The technique, developed by researchers from the university's Leonardo Centre for Tribology, uses ultrasound technology to gauge the performance of penetrating oils.
Immediate refrigeration prevented the bacteria from penetrating through the yolk membrane and reaching the nutrient-rich yolk.
Societal entrepreneurship; positioning, penetrating, promoting.