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penetrate into (someone or something)

To pierce, enter into, and stop inside of someone or something. The bullet penetrated into my chest through the body armor, but it thankfully did not pierce my heart or lungs. All kinds of radio waves penetrate into us throughout the day, but none are known to be harmful.
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penetrate through (someone or something)

To pierce and pass completely through someone or something. The bullet penetrated through my body armor, but thankfully only pierced the skin of my chest. I hate getting X-rays—I just feel like anything that can penetrate through you is probably not the safest thing in the world!
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penetrate (something) with (something)

To use something in order to pierce something else. We'll have to penetrate the rock layer with dynamite. The sniper penetrated the armored window with a high-caliber, high-velocity rifle.
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Diagnostic laparoscopy is cost effective procedure for diagnosing penetrating injuries.
Inclusion: penetrating or blunt trauma to the neck, irrespective of associated injuries or final outcome.
This database was retrospectively interrogated for all patients requiring an emergency thoracic operation for penetrating injury from July 2006 to July 2009.
Radiography--Radiographic testing is based on exposure of a casting to differential absorption rates of penetrating radiation in the form of x rays or gamma rays.
However, these sperm proved about 30 percent less successful at penetrating eggs than did sperm from untreated rats.
A superconductor normally shields itself from the effects of magnetic fields in which it is placed by preventing such fields from penetrating its interior.
At present, those assessments assume that if penetrating alpha particles do not directly damage a cell's genes, the cell emerges unscathed.
He wonders whether immobile or feeble sperm -- which normally don't stand much chance of penetrating the egg's inner sanctum -- might be more likely to harbor serious DNA mutations than their more vigorous counterparts.
Rosa of the European Southern Observatory in Garching, Germany, and his collaborators adopted a novel strategy for penetrating the dense interstellar gas and dust clouds that otherwise obscure the view.