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penetrate (something) with (something)

To use something in order to pierce something else. We'll have to penetrate the rock layer with dynamite. The sniper penetrated the armored window with a high-caliber, high-velocity rifle.
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penetrate into (someone or something)

To pierce, enter into, and stop inside of someone or something. The bullet penetrated into my chest through the body armor, but it thankfully did not pierce my heart or lungs. All kinds of radio waves penetrate into us throughout the day, but none are known to be harmful.
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penetrate through (someone or something)

To pierce and pass completely through someone or something. The bullet penetrated through my body armor, but thankfully only pierced the skin of my chest. I hate getting X-rays—I just feel like anything that can penetrate through you is probably not the safest thing in the world!
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penetrate into someone or something

to pierce into someone or something; to stick deep into someone or something. The lance penetrated into the knight, right through his armor. The bullet penetrated into the wall.
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penetrate something with something

to pierce something with something. I could not even penetrate the steel door with a cold chisel. It was easy to penetrate the lid with a can opener.
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penetrate through something

to pierce all the way through something. (Some people will view the through as redundant.) The bullet could not penetrate through the metal plating. It did not have enough force to penetrate through the steel.
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That question starts with whether UV light can penetrate ice to reach the water below where it's available to "excite" the fluorophore in a lure's coating.
If such a crack goes unnoticed, molten metal may penetrate, leading to a runout with the possibility of a water/molten metal explosion.
This light doesn't penetrate skin as deeply as UVA light, but it is more damaging.
As long as the metallic feed remains and fluidity is provided by the inductive power, the saturation network continues to penetrate deeper into the lining, resisted only by the steep thermal gradient.
However, the bursts are too low in frequency to penetrate the solar system's sea of charged particles to reach Earth.
Researchers have modified the scanning tunneling microscope to permit the imaging of individual magnetic vortices that penetrate the surfaces of high-temperature superconductors.
Insert "B" shows an internal ground fault which occurs when molten metal penetrates the refractory lining and touches the coil.
In the May 17 SCIENCE, the group reports finding that even though the new protein does not bind to TCDD, it must accompany this dioxin or the toxicant will never penetrate the cell nucleus.
Another method is to fill the casting cavity with pressurized parafin, which can penetrate into the smallest crevices or porous metal occlusions.
Although chickens infected with Salmonella do not deposit the pathogen inside the egg yolk very often, bacteria from the surrounding albumen might penetrate through the membrane that surrounds the yolk.
The tubes penetrate the front and back wall of the exchanger, with all welded connections outside of the product flow.
If the surface won't allow water to be absorbed, the sealer cannot penetrate or adhere to it.
A variety of studies have shown that drops can and frequently do penetrate into the middle ear through tympanostomy tubes.
Emitted over the entire surface of the phone, these waves penetrate users' brains.
Although chickens infected with Salmonella do not deposit this pathogen inside egg yolks very often, bacteria from the surrounding albumen might penetrate through the membrane that surrounds the yolk.