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penetrate (something) with (something)

To use something in order to pierce something else. We'll have to penetrate the rock layer with dynamite. The sniper penetrated the armored window with a high-caliber, high-velocity rifle.
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penetrate into (someone or something)

To pierce, enter into, and stop inside of someone or something. The bullet penetrated into my chest through the body armor, but it thankfully did not pierce my heart or lungs. All kinds of radio waves penetrate into us throughout the day, but none are known to be harmful.
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penetrate through (someone or something)

To pierce and pass completely through someone or something. The bullet penetrated through my body armor, but thankfully only pierced the skin of my chest. I hate getting X-rays—I just feel like anything that can penetrate through you is probably not the safest thing in the world!
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penetrate into someone or something

to pierce into someone or something; to stick deep into someone or something. The lance penetrated into the knight, right through his armor. The bullet penetrated into the wall.
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penetrate something with something

to pierce something with something. I could not even penetrate the steel door with a cold chisel. It was easy to penetrate the lid with a can opener.
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penetrate through something

to pierce all the way through something. (Some people will view the through as redundant.) The bullet could not penetrate through the metal plating. It did not have enough force to penetrate through the steel.
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This also brings up questions about how deep UV light penetrates given the specific conditions at hand, and how much UV is necessary to brighten UV lures to a meaningful level.
When the dyes are heated in this transfer process, they vaporize, and if they are in close proximity to a suitable substrate, such as a plastic or coating, the vapors penetrate the adjacent substrate by around 0.002 in.
The millimetre waves cannot go through walls, but they can penetrate most clothing, officials said.
(1) EPIPELAGIC ZONE: Sunlight easily penetrates this zone, making living plants plentiful.
Ability to Penetrate Improved Regardless of Severity
Further, to penetrate these new markets, small businesses may consider temporarily lowering prices (perhaps incurring losses) on sales of their products relative to prices for otherwise comparable products in the same markets.
"The agreement enables FPDI to quickly penetrate the lucrative commercial and government markets with our technology and services," said Jean Reiczyk, FPDI chairman and CEO.
The cosmic rays that come from all the stars envelop and penetrate the biosphere, and everything within it.
When a door is at enough of an angle, the hardness and shape of a ball round will cause it to penetrate the first layer of steel but will alter its direction enough to keep it from penetrating through the door.
Emitted over the entire surface of the phone, these waves penetrate users' brains.
The Romans had distinguished fellare (to suck a penis) from irrumare (to penetrate somebody's mouth with a penis).
Taisen Iguchi confirmed the ability of bisphenol A, used in the production of phenolic and epoxy resins, to penetrate the tissue in experiments using mice.
Water repellent preservatives contain wax or silicone plus other ingredients that penetrate the wood's surface and repel moisture.
The man spreads her legs and prepares, or so it seems, to penetrate her (him?) from behind.