pencil (something) in

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pencil (something) in

1. To write something in pencil, especially so that one retains the ability to change or erase it later. Why don't we just pencil in the dates we'd like, and we can go back and change them if they're not available? Pencil your answers in, and I'll check them when I'm done with work.
2. By extension, to schedule or plan something for a tentative or temporary time or date. Let's pencil in the meeting for December 15th—if there are any issues with the date, we can always change it. They're going to pencil the appointment in for 2 PM.
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pencil someone or something in

to write in something with a pencil. (Implies that the writing is not final.) This isn't a firm appointment yet, so I will just pencil it in. I penciled in a tentative answer.
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pencil in

1. To write something in with a pencil: The assistant penciled in the editorial changes on the manuscript. After the teacher reviewed my test, I penciled the corrections in.
2. To schedule something tentatively: The secretary penciled in a staff meeting for 3:00. The band penciled a rehearsal in on Friday.
3. To schedule a tentative appointment with someone: We penciled him in for lunch next Monday. The interviewers penciled in the applicant for the end of the week.
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Just Bosnia and Herzegovina appear likely to mount a challenge to Greece in their efforts to reach Brazil with a visit to Sarajevo pencilled in for March 22.
"We have another match pencilled in for Friday against The New Saints - probably at our training ground - and we have three games lined up next week, so there is plenty of time and opportunity for Ashley to get some game time in."
The next time you're pencilled in on the left wing make a stand: 'Play me at centre-forward or don't play me'.
They had pencilled in earnings of pounds 10.5 million, before the impact of exceptional items.
John Meli, Eamon Magee, Gavin McComb and James Fryers will be in action, with Magee pencilled in to face Jamie Lee Maxwell in the 64Kg category.