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penchant for

A strong preference for something. She had a penchant for fine wine and expensive restaurants.
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have a penchant for (something)

To have a strong preference for something. She had a penchant for fine wine and expensive restaurants.
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have a penchant for doing something

to have a taste, desire, or inclination for doing something. John has a penchant for eating fattening foods. Ann has a penchant for buying clothes.
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have a penchant for

Have a tendency or taste for. For example, He has a penchant for saying the wrong thing, or She has a strong penchant for baroque music. [Second half of 1600s]
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Each week Penchant and Kettle visit local schools in the Wallasey and adjoining areas to give pupils an insight into the game and to provide some basic coaching and instruction.
Maybe you want to mention her penchant for 'middle-aming'-- calling you by your full name whenever angry.
His extraordinary knowledge of measurement science, his penchant for technical accuracy and integrity, and his effective management skills have served to make the Journal the flagship publication of NIST.
A designer has a high penchant for detail and the Herbert Rose workers knew exactly how to anticipate my perfectionism.
IF IT WEREN'T FOR BUD Selig's penchant for playing Charlie McCarthy to his 30 major league ventriloquists {owners}, you could feel sorry for the baseball commissioner.
The answer may lie in the pragmatic penchant of Guicciardini's character.
Ampersand, a newsletter in a four-page magapaper format published for Xyvision employees (Karen Steele, editor; John Deros, in charge of production), with a penchant for white space, uses lots of it to display its table of contents, called, simply, "Inside.
This marsupial has a jaw that can open to 120[degrees]; it was probably hunted to extinction by early settlers because of its penchant for sheep.
This is the site for architects with a penchant for off the wall gadgets 'run by a team of renegade elves in Western Canada' who every month publish around 50 classic gizmos on this site.
He also outlines Paracelsus' penchant for astrological prognostication instead of astronomy and his rumored battles with mental illness.
With an engineer's flair for coaxing unexpected function from unlikely materials--and a Conceptualist's penchant for seeking ingenious ways to deploy that function--Ian Burns conceived his recent show as a series of exaggeratedly low-tech viewing stations.
With a penchant for odd timbres (the pizzicato strings on "The Life" sound like Greek restaurant ambience) and stripped down beats, musically Fault stays in step with trendsetters like Missy Elliott and the Neptunes.
In the midst of Micky's own demons haunting her from her hellish past, she manages to not only piece together the puzzle of a grand pornography ring, but also works through her own problems by getting involved with a child psychologist with a penchant for sex, and by actually infiltrating the crime ring.