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have a penchant for (something)

To have a strong preference for something. She had a penchant for fine wine and expensive restaurants.
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penchant for

A strong preference for something. She had a penchant for fine wine and expensive restaurants.
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have a penchant for doing something

to have a taste, desire, or inclination for doing something. John has a penchant for eating fattening foods. Ann has a penchant for buying clothes.
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have a penchant for

Have a tendency or taste for. For example, He has a penchant for saying the wrong thing, or She has a strong penchant for baroque music. [Second half of 1600s]
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But in this case, Deutsch's penchant for opposites (nature and culture, painting and photography, etc.) generates a project as compelling as it is original.
Smokers with a penchant for sunbathing may face the greatest risk of facial furrows, given the researchers' finding that excessive sun exposure and smoking may work together to produce wrinkles.
Taking to Twitter, Rajnath hailed the towering leader as one blessed with a "penchant for serving people."
Asked if he expects the number to still increase, he answered affirmatively noting the penchant of some Filipinos in filing complaints.
Portland, OR, February 14, 2019 --( Unsolicited Press announced immediate availability of "A Penchant for Masquerades" by Carolyn Martin, a collection of playful and provocative poems.
The party's spokesperson, Mr Taofik Gani, gave this reaction in a statement and further describing Salvador as an unstable and a 'loudspeaker politician' whose inordinate ambition and penchant for falsehood would soon be discovered by the APC.
by PTI While not known to be a car enthusiast, Steve Jobs did have a penchant for German automobiles and design, owning BMW motorcycles, as well as Mercedes-Benz SLs.
Ok, so she has a penchant for fabulous designer pieces (wouldn't we all in her position?) but she is just as comfortable in high street brands.
However, when they discover videotapes of people being killed in their room, they realise the motel owner has a penchant for casting guests in his home-made snuff movies - and they are about to become the latest victims.
As is penchant in the Jewish faith, Nachman, Leiby's father, told the rabbi a touching story about how kind the 9-year-old was.
I'd like to see the foreign language reference for each one (even if the French for "penchant" is "penchant") and the "If you like this word try ...
it may also be worth a few quid on a drop goal to be scored at 5/4 as Francois Trinh-Duc (left) has a bit of a penchant for them, as does Ronan O'gara - thank god!
Summary: Dappy from N-Dubz's ex-girlfriend claims the rapper has a penchant for fishing and kids' television.
(The modern states in the region are after all only lines drawn on maps with little reference to historic identities.) US devotion to Israel and Blair-Bush stupidity over Iraq are equalled with Arabic penchant for despots, a penchant which the US do much to support.
Byline: Even in retirement, former India skipper Sourav Ganguly's penchant for making news has not deserted him.