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pay the penalty

To experience the consequences of one's actions or misdeeds. If you get caught cheating on your exam, you'll have to pay the penalty—which could include expulsion. I sure paid the penalty for staying up late when I fell asleep at my desk in the library.
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pay the penalty for (something)

Literally, to pay money for something that incurs a cost. You're going to have to pay the penalty for the vase that your son broke. We didn't have to pay the penalty for the water we used at our previous residence, so we were shocked when our first water bill came in the mail after moving to this country.
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penalty box

In ice hockey, the area that a penalized player must stay in for the duration of the penalty. How are we going to tie this game with our best player in the penalty box?
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pay the penalty

1. Lit. to pay a fine for doing something wrong. You ran the red light and now you will have to pay the penalty.
2. Fig. to suffer the consequences for doing something wrong. My head really hurts. I am paying the penalty for getting drunk last night.
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pay the ˈprice/ˈpenalty (for something/for doing something)

suffer as a result of bad luck, a mistake or something you have done: They’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past and now they’re paying the price.I’m really paying the penalty for all those late nights. I feel terrible today.
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If the IRS removes penalties at the beginning of the agreement and the taxpayer adheres to the agreement's terms, the IRS can also remove the penalties that continued to accrue until the tax was paid in full.
The purpose of this study is to investigate whether readmission penalties under HRRP impose significant reputational effects on hospitals and whether these effects vary based on the size of the penalty.
In the Premier League during the last nine seasons - 2002-03 through to 2011-12 - 850 penalties were awarded and 8,335 goals were scored by means other than a penalty.
6707A penalties do not depend upon a related tax deficiency and could be assessed even if there is an overpayment of tax.
Taxpayers who are eligible, but choose not to participate in the amnesty program will be subject to accuracy-related and amnesty penalties. For income and franchise tax purposes, the new penalties include:
Present penalties with respect to tax shelter transactions successfully challenged by the IRS are generally limited to the 20 percent "accuracy-related" penalty with respect to "substantial understatements" of tax liability (under I.R.C.
According to Mercy Jimenez, senior vice president of Single Family Mortgage Business for Fannie Mae (, the nation's largest source of financing for home mortgages, Alabama, New Jersey, Texas, and Vermont have outlawed these penalties. Other states have placed restrictions on them, while others do not limit them in any way.
I am not an expert in these matters, but I found in the Bible death penalties for only the first seven commandments.
The Columbia University study found that 37 percent of overturned death penalties occurred because defendants did not receive proper defense counsel.
In the wake of Shepard's murder, legislation to increase penalties for hate crimes against gay men and lesbians was introduced in 26 states.
Practitioners who prepare tax returns for individuals subject to late filing or late payment penalties may help their clients minimize such penalties.
No penalties were levied against the Cliff Dickman for Congress Committee, which received an illegal contribution of $23,825 in the form of a bank loan endorsed by three of Dickman's supporters.
Twenty-one believes that it is possible for criminals to reform, while 14 percent said there are alternative penalties to death penalty.
Because practitioners are required to advise a client about the significance of conclusions reached, the assumption in Section 10.33 seems to be that the advice relates to a tax shelter-type transaction to which accuracy-related penalties apply.