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penalty box

In ice hockey, the area that a penalized player must stay in for the duration of the penalty. How are we going to tie this game with our best player in the penalty box?
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pay the penalty for (something)

Literally, to pay money for something that incurs a cost. You're going to have to pay the penalty for the vase that your son broke. We didn't have to pay the penalty for the water we used at our previous residence, so we were shocked when our first water bill came in the mail after moving to this country.
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pay the penalty

To experience the consequences of one's actions or misdeeds. If you get caught cheating on your exam, you'll have to pay the penalty—which could include expulsion. I sure paid the penalty for staying up late when I fell asleep at my desk in the library.
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pay the penalty

1. Lit. to pay a fine for doing something wrong. You ran the red light and now you will have to pay the penalty.
2. Fig. to suffer the consequences for doing something wrong. My head really hurts. I am paying the penalty for getting drunk last night.
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pay the ˈprice/ˈpenalty (for something/for doing something)

suffer as a result of bad luck, a mistake or something you have done: They’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past and now they’re paying the price.I’m really paying the penalty for all those late nights. I feel terrible today.
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If taxpayers are unsure whether they participated in a reportable transaction, they may want to consider filing Form 8886 to avoid penalties.
For sales and use tax purposes, penalties will be doubled and imposed for deficiency determinations that have been based on a return filed under the amnesty program or upon any other non-reporting or underreporting that would have been eligible for amnesty.
Under proposed anti-tax shelter legislation now pending before both houses of Congress, nondisclosure of a reportable transaction (whether or not successfully challenged by the IRS) could result in penalties as high as $200,0000 for "listed" transactions and $100,00 for other reportable transactions.
This will also help eliminate the "no access" penalties.
Instead, it recommends penalties and then enters negotiations with the offending party to arrive at a mutually agreeable sum.
19, 2005, the IRS issued Notice 2005-11, which provides interim guidance on the imposition and rescission of penalties under Sec.
Also, the Inland Revenue may impose penalties if it determines that the tax return was not prepared in compliance with the arm's length principle or that the return was submitted fraudulently or negligently.
In accordance with the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990 (28 U.
This article discusses the law and describes the steps tax-exempts can take to reduce their exposure to the new penalties.
Late penalties, stipulated by Local Law 62 of 1991, call for penalties of not less than $25 per day or more than $50 per day for every day the form is not filed.
13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, or required to be consolidated with another person for purposes of those reports, must disclose the requirement to pay the following penalties in reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for periods specified by the IRS: the (1) Sec.