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penalize (someone or something) for (something)

To subject someone to a penalty or punishment for some crime, offense, wrongdoing, or transgression. You can't penalize your students for simply speaking truthfully. The player was penalized for using performance-enhancing drugs. The regulatory committed penalized the company for failing to pay its fair share of taxes.
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penalize someone for something

to punish someone for something. It's not fair to penalize her for being late. You needn't penalize yourself for the failure. It wasn't all your fault.
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However, Israeli Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak and Intelligence Minister, Dan Meridor, oppose such "penalizing measures." According to AL HAYAT, Barak and Meridor have said that any sanctions against the PA "will lead to violence and this will cause the PA to stop its security cooperation and it might also pave the way towards the complete collapse of the PA."
This plan would be fairer if the C's "paid" for their unhealthy lifestyle so to avoid penalizing the A's and B's.
In addition, we urge the FTA to recommend the adoption of a reasonable transition period for implementing EFT as well as an equitable approach toward penalizing noncompliance.
The House of Representatives has unanimously approved on third and final reading a measure penalizing the act of throwing stones and other hard objects at motor vehicles.
PARIS , January 31, 2012 (A.A) - French senators appealed on Tuesday the law penalizing denial of the Armenian allegations on the Ottoman era incidents of 1915 adopted at the French Senate.
But instead of penalizing out-of-line operations which has a fine of P1 million, the LTFRB could use the GPS data to determine route measured capacity.
The House of Representatives justice committee has approved a bill penalizing the act of throwing hard objects at a motor vehicle, whether in motion or not, as long as it damages the vehicle or worse, kills or hurts the passengers.