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penalize (someone or something) for (something)

To subject someone to a penalty or punishment for some crime, offense, wrongdoing, or transgression. You can't penalize your students for simply speaking truthfully. The player was penalized for using performance-enhancing drugs. The regulatory committed penalized the company for failing to pay its fair share of taxes.
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penalize someone for something

to punish someone for something. It's not fair to penalize her for being late. You needn't penalize yourself for the failure. It wasn't all your fault.
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The court may also penalize the person who committed a discriminatory practice with community service.
So this also BCCI must have fixed with the ICC, with the ECB stating that we will penalize Jadeja 50 percent so there is no hue and cry with the ECB and we will penalize Anderson on level 3 charges," said Azad.
The study also found that high-deductible plans penalize women and adults with any chronic condition by leaving them with far higher out-of-pocket health bills than those healthy men pay.
If the avowed idea is to reward exceptional performance, then the actual impact must not be to penalize average performance.
IRS's ability to penalize employers for submitting inaccurate SSNs on wage statements is intended to promote SSN accuracy.
Under the WTO ruling, the EU and other countries can penalize the United States up to 72 percent of the monies collected through enforcement of the amendment.
If they do find something wrong, their goal is to help you correct it, rather than to penalize you.
We commend the committee's efforts to single out and penalize those who are at the root of insurance fraud in Massachusetts," said Frank O'Brien, vice president mad New England regional manager for the Alliance.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda on Monday denied the government may immediately ban remittances to North Korea from Japan, commenting on a senior South Korean lawmaker's request that Tokyo study the measure to penalize Pyongyang over its nuclear program.
Ball Moves: Once you address the ball and it moves out of position, you should penalize yourself one stroke.
Moreover, markets may penalize responsible firms (those that work harder to ensure that workers or the environment are treated well as they make goods and services).