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penalize someone for something

to punish someone for something. It's not fair to penalize her for being late. You needn't penalize yourself for the failure. It wasn't all your fault.
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Drop the ball and, again, penalize yourself one stroke.
457 deferred compensation: This would cause the 100% limitation to be based on real wages and not penalize those retirees who have employer pickups or have decided to enhance retirement.
To penalize the taxpayer for these delays is, quite simply, unfair, and at odds with the Subcommittee's commitment during the 1989 penalty reform process to impose penalties only on culpable taxpayer behavior.
The State is attempting to impose liability on children because they know that courts have consistently held that they cannot penalize retailers.
The RBI has reflected on the specifics of the matter, the response of the co-operative bank and personal submissions made by the bank on this topic, which confirmed the infringement and then the apex lender has decided to penalize the bank with financial punishment of Rs 5 lakh.
90-105 will capriciously penalize taxpayers based on when they file their returns.
It does not make sense for us to penalize a company for its business success by charging upgrade fees.
Dog owners who testified at Tuesday's board meeting said breed-specific laws are hard to enforce and tend to penalize responsible dog owners for the actions of irresponsible ones.