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penalize (someone or something) for (something)

To subject someone to a penalty or punishment for some crime, offense, wrongdoing, or transgression. You can't penalize your students for simply speaking truthfully. The player was penalized for using performance-enhancing drugs. The regulatory committed penalized the company for failing to pay its fair share of taxes.
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penalize someone for something

to punish someone for something. It's not fair to penalize her for being late. You needn't penalize yourself for the failure. It wasn't all your fault.
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Our current system equally penalizes people who voluntarily put themselves at an increase of having health problems and those who have problems which they could control.
"We are also including in our proposal to penalize not only consummated act of terrorism but also including crimes like inciting to commit terrorism, recruitment to terrorist organization, and providing material support to terrorists," Arevalo said.
Do not penalize an entire fund if one person exceeds the Sec.
Ge, President and Founder of, said : " doesn't penalize business owners with higher fees when the company expands in 2015."
90-105 will capriciously penalize taxpayers based on when they file their returns.
Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Alfonso Cusi backed the move to penalize erring gencos.
Thus, the regulations retroactively penalize those taxpayers that relied in good faith on the 1987 proposed regulations.
'So bakit si consumers ang mape-penalized kung mayroong unplanned at enforced outages (So why penalize the consumers when there are unplanned and enforced outages)?' the senator reiterated.
The RBI has reflected on the specifics of the matter, the response of the co-operative bank and personal submissions made by the bank on this topic, which confirmed the infringement and then the apex lender has decided to penalize the bank with financial punishment of Rs 5 lakh.
(The important thing now is to introduce reforms to eradicate red tape and penalize power plants that fail to deliver power supply on time.)
The bill seeking to penalize those who will be found practicing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity was passed on third and final reading during a session at the House of Representatives on Wednesday.
Despite his public pronouncements, President Rodrigo Duterte gave no orders to the Philippine National Police (PNP) to either absolve or penalize Superintendent Marvin Marcos, the police chief told a Senate hearing on Wednesday.