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penalize (someone or something) for (something)

To subject someone to a penalty or punishment for some crime, offense, wrongdoing, or transgression. You can't penalize your students for simply speaking truthfully. The player was penalized for using performance-enhancing drugs. The regulatory committed penalized the company for failing to pay its fair share of taxes.
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penalize someone for something

to punish someone for something. It's not fair to penalize her for being late. You needn't penalize yourself for the failure. It wasn't all your fault.
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For a very large penalization parameter, [lambda] [much greater than] 1, and the Heavyside function, [mathematical expression not reproducible], that is, [mathematical expression not reproducible] and [mathematical expression not reproducible] otherwise, the penalized Navier-Stokes equations in a vorticity formulation are [10]
Because process was controlled manually and it was time consuming, I designed a simple system for transesterification using programmable logic controller and two--position controller with penalization. This was adjusted after identification on step response on real device.
For a specified refrigerant, saturation temperature and tube geometry, Cavallini showed that the product of the two penalization components can be expressed as a function of the heat transfer coefficient (a).
To oppose the penalization of social precariousness, a threefold battle must be waged.
Emergent themes and similarities include: the politicization of crime, with members of the "left," as well as the "right," calling for stricter penalization; the use of prison labor; the growth, especially in the US and the UK, of "managerialism" (i.e., auditing prison demographics to identify groups most at risk for disruptive behavior); and, in the most industrially advanced countries, the privatization of prisons and developing high technology for prison control.
Although old strategies of interdiction, penalization and propaganda have largely failed to stop aggregate consumption of controlled substances in America, the war on drugs is poised to strike against the most dangerous addiction of all.
PSQCA also refers cases of manufacturers/units to first class magistrate for penalization. PSQCA
And ignorance of the law doesn't protect anyone from penalization! Enter ClearTax.
Pakistan has lost several high profile commercial agreements to arbitration , most of them of strategic importance, and is liable to pay millions in compensation to local and international business firms, further maiming an already crippled national exchequer; it cannot afford another hefty penalization.
Coupled with strengthened powers of investigation and penalization, NEPRA would be far better enabled to implement its statutory mandate, leading to greater transparency, and investor confidence and consumer protection in the power markets.
PALPA had been extending waivers on a daily basis to PIA in the form of pilots flying beyond the stipulated flight duty time limitation (FDTL), Hashmi said.It is not ethically or morally possible for us to continue extending favours to the airline management Hashmi told on Thursday adding Our pilots extend favours and are then penalized for doing so.An example of the penalization that Hashmi was upset about, is that of Captain I.
Penalization depends on the concerned agency, which has jurisdiction over the GOCC and/or the issue, she said.
Led by shia leader Maulana Amin Shaheedi, the protestors were demanding end to target-killings and sectarian attacks in the city, demanding arrest, conviction and penalization of the culprits.