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pelt down

To come down from the sky very forcefully and in great amounts. The rain has been pelting down for almost a week straight! I'm surprised our car wasn't damaged from the way that hail was pelting down.
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pelt (someone or something) with (something)

To throw a lot of something at someone or something very forcefully. The group of boys pelted John with snowballs. The protestors began pelting the courthouse with rotten fruit and vegetables.
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pelt down (on someone or something)

[for something] to fall down on someone or something hard or in quantity. (Typically rain, hail, sleet, stones, etc.) The rain pelted down on the children as they ran to their school bus. The ashes from the volcanic eruption pelted down on the town, covering the houses in a gray shroud.
See also: down, pelt
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If he ( stone- pelting youth) is giving up his life, he is not doing it for tourism.
Stone pelting becomes inevitable when police and administration prevent or stop the peaceful procession or rally from its onward march or when police resort to baton charge and pepper gas shelling.
He said heavy presence of troops in the valley was responsible for stone pelting incidents.
Earlier, the Mehbooba Mufti government had granted amnesty to mostly young students who were arrested for stone pelting.
In another development, a mob of over 200 people yesterday afternoon indulged in heavy stone pelting in Aurangabad city creating widespread tension in the city.
During the 2010 unrest also, the police had detained a Bihari labourer from Budgam area on charges of stone pelting.
The agency appraised the court that the witnesses had revealed that Bhat was actively participating in the offence of pelting stones at the security forces and was involved in the anti-national activities.
He said Pakistan was fuelling the stone- pelting culture in the Valley by provoking the local youths and asking separatist leaders to stoke the fire.
On Tuesday morning, a few stone- pelting incidents were reported from the curfewbound areas of Gulzar Houz and Shahali Banda.
He said some youths who were interrogated had revealed that people were being paid about Rs 100 a day for pelting stones.
Summary: Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Nov 6 (ANI): The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) of Kashmir on Monday claimed that stone pelting have reduced in Kashmir Valley post April.
Confirming the report, Inspector General (IG) Law and Order from Lucknow Amrendra Singh Sengar told the media that there was stone pelting on the police by the protesters
Watali asserted that the incidents of stone pelting will come down with his arrest.
19: Situation remained by and large normal and under control across the Kashmir Valley on Tuesday, except for a stone pelting incident in which a person was injured during police action.
However, some miscreants resorted to stone pelting on security forces at Chan khan area of Sopore, earlier in the day.