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pelt (someone or something) with (something)

To throw a lot of something at someone or something very forcefully. The group of boys pelted John with snowballs. The protestors began pelting the courthouse with rotten fruit and vegetables.
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pelt down

To come down from the sky very forcefully and in great amounts. The rain has been pelting down for almost a week straight! I'm surprised our car wasn't damaged from the way that hail was pelting down.
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pelt down (on someone or something)

[for something] to fall down on someone or something hard or in quantity. (Typically rain, hail, sleet, stones, etc.) The rain pelted down on the children as they ran to their school bus. The ashes from the volcanic eruption pelted down on the town, covering the houses in a gray shroud.
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We love stone pelting even to celebrate our festivals also!
He will starve to death but he is pelting stones for his nation and there is a need to understand this," he added.
Syed Ali Shah Geelani, the firebrand separatist leader was one such Kashmir leader who joined issue with those holding opposite view and "justified pelting of police and Indian paramilitary forces by mobs" which has become a routine post-Friday prayer affair in summer capital Srinagar.
The images were convincing enough to persuade several former skeptics that some new type of water-bearing object is pelting Earth's atmosphere.
Even some known PDP supporters are indulging in stone- pelting now, but no action has been taken against them.
The forum Spokesman, Ayaz Akbar, in a statement issued in Srinagar said,"The nature of the stone pelting is not the same every time and everywhere, but often in reaction.
The mobs grew restless and the miscreants among them began pelting stones at vehicles passing in front of the collector's office.
"But the behaviour of teenagers in the borough did not help pave the way for true trick or treaters who had doors shut in their face or unopened because of the egg pelting."
Summary: Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Aug 29 (ANI): At least five officials of the Cantonment Board were injured due to stone pelting incident during an anti-encroachment drive here on Thursday, police said.
SHERWAN -- A case has been lodged against 80 people in Abbottabad's Sherwan police station for pelting Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Food Minister Qalandar Khan Lodhi's vehicle with stones.
And it seems either out of fun or for the sake of camaraderie they got involved in the stone pelting," the police officer said.
As a result of baton charge, the displaced persons resorted to stone pelting at Police and also put truck on fire.
THE stone- pelting youths of Kashmir have got a job offer from an unexpected quarter.
The riot- hit area remained by and large peaceful, save for a few stone- pelting incidents.
'Bagwal' stone pelting festival is held every year at the temple of goddess Barahi Devi on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.