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Post Bretton Woods, and the US dollar replacing gold as the world economy and trade's main anchor, currencies were naturally pegged to the dollar, and in particular those of petro states - as a currency peg requires a constant stream of US dollars.
Agenesis of succedanceous teeth: an expression of the homozygous state of the gene for the pegged or missing maxillary lateral incisor trait.
30 a public auction of various items, including four units of Cadillac Escalade and one unit of Lincoln Navigator with a floor price of P2.25 million; two units of used cars pegged at P600,000; two containers of bicycle parts and accessories pegged at P1.47 million; five containers of color sandwich panels color plate pegged at P2.96 million and one container of e-bike parts and accessories priced at P1 million.
Numerous glenoid pegged designs exist within the market place; however, little effort has been made to optimize peg geometry, and as a result, there is no consensus regarding the superiority of one design over another.
If the Hong Kong dollar were to be pegged to a basket of currencies and retain its hard currency status with high liquidity, it could only be pegged against fully convertible currencies.
The Bank of Namibia's corporate communication department, nevertheless, explained the central bank's monetary policy decision to keep the Namibian Dollar pegged to the South African Rand as follows:
From 2003 until 2007, the Kuwaiti Dinar was allowed to float within a 3.5 per cent band against the dollar and has since then become pegged against a basket of currencies.
Among those five steps was changing the way the yuan is pegged to the U.S.
The Main Lake and the new Match Lake were pegged and on Sunday the best weight on the new lake was 63lb 13oz from Nigel Evans.