peg down

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peg something down

to fasten something to the ground with pegs. After he had finished pegging the tent down, he built a fire. He pegged down the tent before building a fire.
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THINGS TO DO THIS WEEK * Peg down strawberry runners to produce new plants.
Personally, I would much rather run around with the ball in my hands and create things, rather than make 60 yards with a left-foot peg down to the corner.
At Otterspool, there is not only somewhere to get shade, there is somewhere for me to peg down my sunshade.
Peg down the main shoots into the soil so they develop more roots and, as the fruits mature, cut off any leaves shading them from the sun.
Peg down non-flowering shoots of carnations into the soil to root, water regularly and cut off the plant separately when well rooted, to increase your stock.
Some fire to the campaign that is not solely based on the fact Gordon Brown's coat is on a very shoogly peg down south if the Nats do well.
Peg down strawberry runners into pots of compost to form new plants.
The method of propagation is quite simple - simply peg down to the ground over a leaf joint some of the runners which the plants are producing in huge numbers this month.
Make sure you peg down the edges to prevent birds sneaking underneath.
Weave a cane into the base of the netting and peg down to stop birds getting underneath.
PEG down some old plastic sheeting over the soil where you will be making your first outdoor sowings of annuals and vegetables.