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peer about

to stare around; to look at everything about. She came into the room and peered about. Mary peered about, looking for a place to sit.
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peer at someone or something

to look at someone or something closely; to stare at and examine someone or something. The child peered at me for a while in a strange way. The owl peered at the snake for a moment before grabbing it.
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peer in(to something)

to stare into something; to look deep into something. I peered into the room, hoping to get a glimpse of the lovely furnishings. I only had time to peer in and then I walked on by.
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peer out at someone or something

to stare out at someone or something. A little puppy peered out at them from the cage. When I looked under the box, Timmy peered out at me with a big smile.
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peer over something

to stare out or look over something, such as one's glasses. The old man peered over his glasses and looked off into the distance. She peered over the wall to see what she could see.
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peer through something

1. to view or look through glasses, spectacles, binoculars, etc. From the way she peered through her glasses at me, I knew I was in trouble. Claire stood on the balcony, peering through her binoculars.
2. to stare through a partial barrier, such as a window, drapes, the haze, the fog, etc. George peered through the drapes and spied on the party next door. Sally peered through the haze as best she could, trying to see if the way was clear.
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peer under something

to look underneath something. She peered under the bed, hoping to find her slippers. When she peered under the bed, she found nothing but lint.
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XConnect's federated peering services are used by more than 400 providers globally," said Eli Katz, XConnect CEO "and we are pleased to have certified VocalTec's Essentra platform as XConnect Ready, allowing our peering partners a reliable and efficient solution to use when choosing to join the XConnect Federation.
Session border controllers and VoIP peering providers play a key role in keeping VoIP and IP interactive communication traffic on IP networks rather than transiting the PSTN," said Seamus Hourihan, vice president marketing and product management at Acme Packet.
VoIP operators are recognizing that peering has tremendous benefits and are leveraging the multi-lateral federation services of XConnect to enhance their features and lower their costs.
As IP telephony continues to develop, the call for advanced VoIP peering solutions becomes essential," said Yair Golan, VP Marketing and Business Development at VocalTec.
info, "Addressing the growing security, privacy and signaling interoperability challenges that face today's VoIP operators is fundamental to the success of our peering services.
We are delighted to be a participant in the 1st Global Peering Forum hosted by Equinix, Switch & Data, Terremark, AMS-IX, DE-CIX and Force10 Networks," said Gary Baldus, Vice President of Operations for Limelight Networks, Inc.
According to Tehrani, who is also Group Editor-in-Chief of leading VoIP magazine, INTERNET TELEPHONY, the VoIP peering market has reached critical mass and the few VoIP service providers who have not embraced peering up until this point will be forced to reconsider due to competitive pressure and the tremendous savings afforded by this relatively new concept.
Switch and Data's upgrades to its PAIX peering platform provide for greater exchange data capacity - by 10 fold -- allowing faster, more economical integration and management of IP traffic in public peering connections and private cross connects.
The joint marketing agreement will make it easier for customers with both companies to extend their peering into North America and Europe through a single point of contact.
The Intrado(R) VoIP Peering Service is designed to overcome the challenge of interconnecting VoIP 9-1-1 calls with the existing 9-1-1 network.
AMEX:TWW), a leading operator of integrated Tier-1 Internet exchanges and best-in-class network services, the London Internet Network Exchange (LINX) and Lucent Technologies (NYSE:LU) today announced that they will host more than 125 global peering experts from around the world at the annual TerreBit Peering Forum to be held in Miami, Florida and the Bahamas from March 4-7, 2005.
a telecommunications middleware company, and Stealth Communications, operators of the Voice Peering Fabric, will partner to provide Peerio GNUP(TM) users access to Stealth's VPF ENUM Registry.