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peer about

to stare around; to look at everything about. She came into the room and peered about. Mary peered about, looking for a place to sit.
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peer at someone or something

to look at someone or something closely; to stare at and examine someone or something. The child peered at me for a while in a strange way. The owl peered at the snake for a moment before grabbing it.
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peer in(to something)

to stare into something; to look deep into something. I peered into the room, hoping to get a glimpse of the lovely furnishings. I only had time to peer in and then I walked on by.
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peer out at someone or something

to stare out at someone or something. A little puppy peered out at them from the cage. When I looked under the box, Timmy peered out at me with a big smile.
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peer over something

to stare out or look over something, such as one's glasses. The old man peered over his glasses and looked off into the distance. She peered over the wall to see what she could see.
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peer through something

1. to view or look through glasses, spectacles, binoculars, etc. From the way she peered through her glasses at me, I knew I was in trouble. Claire stood on the balcony, peering through her binoculars.
2. to stare through a partial barrier, such as a window, drapes, the haze, the fog, etc. George peered through the drapes and spied on the party next door. Sally peered through the haze as best she could, trying to see if the way was clear.
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peer under something

to look underneath something. She peered under the bed, hoping to find her slippers. When she peered under the bed, she found nothing but lint.
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BERLIN -- XConnect, the world's largest provider of "Plug and Peer" Voice over IP (VoIP) peering services and operator of the XConnect Alliance, today announced that VocalTec's Essentra[TM] Peering, Trunking and Service Delivery solutions have been certified as XConnect Ready[TM].
VoIP Operators that subscribe to XConnect's peering services can now leverage the Proxy7 Signaling Gateway to bridge between the PSTN and VoIP traffic.
Acme Packet SBCs have been certified with the XConnect network and ENUM registry to enable service providers to rapidly connect with proven interoperability to the XConnect Peering Federations such as the XConnect Alliance.
VoIP Peering based on ENUM allows service providers to achieve dramatic changes in the economics and quality of their communications services.
Nasdaq:VOCL), a global provider of carrier-class multimedia and voice-over-IP solutions for communication service providers, today launched the newest version of its Essentra(TM) EX Peering Manager, Version 7.
com Enterprises and provider of VoIP peering services, announced today that it has signed a hosting agreement with PEER 1 Network Enterprises, Inc.
AMEX:TWW), AMS-IX, DE-CIX and Force10 Networks today announced a unified effort to host biannual Global Peering Forums with the first event scheduled for March 18-23, 2006 in Ft.
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- A joint initiative comprised of UPC Netherlands, Casema, MultiKabel, Essent and CaiW, totaling more than 7 million subscribers with more than 450,000 telephony subscribers - today awarded the VoIP Peering contract to a partnership of XConnect, the world's largest provider of "Plug and Peer" Voice over IP (VoIP) interconnection services and Kayote Networks, a leading provider of interconnectivity solutions for routing and peering.
0 software from damaka, the leading provider of a SIP based direct peering platform, enables enterprises to rapidly deploy peer-to-peer communication by offering security, quality, management and control.
the leading provider of fully managed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) peering services for wireline and wireless carriers worldwide, today announced its new VoIP Direct(TM) managed VoIP peering service.
Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) president and VoIP and communications visionary Rich Tehrani sees 2006 as the year when VoIP peering becomes mainstream.
As part of its industry-leading PAIX peering services, the 10GigE PAIX switch is now operational in Switch and Data's Palo Alto site and in New York City at both 111 8th Avenue and 60 Hudson.
Switch and Data and Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) today announced the signing of a joint marketing agreement to enhance the peering opportunities of customers in both exchanges.
NASDAQ: TRDO), a global provider of integrated data and telecommunications solutions, today announced plans for the deployment of its VoIP 9-1-1 Peering Service as a common access point enabling E9-1-1 Service Providers to deliver VoIP 9-1-1 calls directly into the dedicated 9-1-1 network.