peer through

peer through (something)

To glance, look, or stare through something, especially in an intent, inquisitive, or searching manner. Peer through the telescope and see if you can make out the constellations. I stood peering through the fog, trying to figure out where the bus had left me. Sarah peered through the curtains to see if the man was still lurking outside the house.
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peer through something

1. to view or look through glasses, spectacles, binoculars, etc. From the way she peered through her glasses at me, I knew I was in trouble. Claire stood on the balcony, peering through her binoculars.
2. to stare through a partial barrier, such as a window, drapes, the haze, the fog, etc. George peered through the drapes and spied on the party next door. Sally peered through the haze as best she could, trying to see if the way was clear.
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Subaru said it has released a new 360-degree video playable on their Subaru Motorsports app (Android, iOS) that not only provides a full 360 degree view but also allows users to peer through the roof of a car, offering an unprecedented view of 2015 Rally America Champions David Higgins and Craig Drew at full speed in their WRX STI rally car.
The aircraft steps provided a photo opportunity for the players and their epigenetically modified wives and girlfriends but while the likes of Corey Pavin, Jim Furyk and Matt Kuchar got all lovey-dovey with their nearest and dearest, poor old Tiger cut a forlorn figure, all on his lonesome in his super-cool shades, a must-have accessory to be able to peer through the Glamorgan gloom.