peer at

peer at (someone or something)

To examine, scan, or stare at someone or something, especially in an intent, inquisitive, or searching manner. Sarah's daughter came into the room and peered at me suspiciously, then turned around and walked right back out again. I peered at the directions, but they just didn't make any sense to me.
See also: peer

peer at someone or something

to look at someone or something closely; to stare at and examine someone or something. The child peered at me for a while in a strange way. The owl peered at the snake for a moment before grabbing it.
See also: peer
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To transmit data to the mobile peer at a faster speed after the handover, an agent peer also receives as much data as possible at this state.
Most of the LSNSCPs peer at least bi-coastally, and some peer more broadly across the country.