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Besides, if it were so that any mere sailor of the Pequod had a grudge against Flask in Flask's official capacity, all that sailor had to do, in order to obtain ample vengeance, was to go aft at dinner-time, and get a peep at Flask through the cabin sky-light, sitting silly and dumfoundered before awful Ahab.
There is a glass door between it and the nursery, and I mean to peep at him, and then I'll tell you how he looks.
"So!" he said, as I stopped and stared like a goose, "you peep at me, I peep at you, and this is not bad, but see, I am not pleasanting when I say, haf you a wish for German?"
We are able to see the pin guard plus some light around the outside of it It's really the gap of air that becomes visible around the outside of the pin guard when we look through our peep at full draw.
The mean PEEP at baseline was 13 cm[H.sub.2]O and the mean maximum PEEP during the recruitment manoeuvre was 36.9 cm[H.sub.2]O.
Although sampling error might account for the significantly greater deviation of forehead measures from arterial measures at maximum PEEP (mean PEEP at maximum = 38 cm[H.sub.2]O), every subject had the same or greater absolute error in the reading of oxygen saturation at maximum PEEP when the forehead sensor was compared to the finger sensor.
Phillip Carr, 22, was arrested in a pink dress as Bo Peep at the Halloween bash at Wetherspoon's in Skipton, North Yorks.
The authors found that PEEP at levels up to 8 cm[H.sub.2]O led to progressively relieving air hunger sensations created by low tidal volume breaths delivered by mechanical ventilation.
A shorter bow puts the peep at a sharper angle, higher on the string.
PEEPING Tom is getting a better opportunity to peep at Lady Godiva than ever before - now the Lady Godiva Clock is back in action.
The walls also are lined with booths here, but the tokens are $1 each, and five are needed to peep at a live woman.
In clinical practice however, anaesthetists who perform pulmonary exclusion start using PEEP at different times during OLV, or only if desaturation occurs.
We hypothesised that applying PEEP at the initial time of OLV, when HPV response has not fully developed, is more beneficial.
Our results strongly support our hypothesis that administering PEEP at the initial time of OLV is more beneficial than if applied later.
At any rate, for most the solution is to ream out their peep to a huge diameter which is not much more accurate that having no peep at all, but I can not deny, they do get better light transmission even if their accuracy may suffer.