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peel away

To remove something (from something's surface) by peeling it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "peel" and "away." I love peeling away the protective plastic they put on the screens of brand new smartphones. Be careful when you peel those stickers away, or you could rip the paper.
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peel back

To remove something partially or fully (from something's surface) by peeling it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "peel" and "back." I love peeling back the protective plastic they put on the screens of brand new smartphones. Be careful when you peel those stickers back, or you could rip the paper.
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peel off from (someone or something)

1. To come off of someone or something in thin strips or pieces, as of skin, paint, rinds, bark, etc. As the sunburn started to heal, skin started peeling off me in the most disgusting way. The paint peeled off from the side of the house due to the intense heat of the sun.
2. To remove the outermost layer of something, such as skin, paint, rind, etc., typically with one's fingers. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "peel" and "off." Tommy! Stop peeling the bark off from those trees this instant! That scrape is never going to heal if you keep peeling the scab off from your finger!
3. To remove a covering, layer, or thin piece from something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "peel" and "off." He peeled the sweat-stained clothes off from his body and jumped in the shower. Let me peel a sticky note off from the pad so you can jot down the number.
4. To deviate or depart from a group's course or direction of movement. When he saw his parents approaching, Tom peeled off from his friends and ducked down a side alley. Why is that one plane peeling off from the rest?
5. Of a motor vehicle or its driver, to accelerate away from something or some place at a very high speed after being stationary. After ramming into my rear bumper, the other car just peeled off from the scene of the accident and sped away out of view. The criminal jumped onto a motorcycle and peeled off from the bank.
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peel the onion

To expose the different various layers of something. Once the investigator started peeling the onion, he discovered just how many illegal operations the organization was involved in. You need to peel back the onion and find out what's really bothering Gina, because I doubt it's just the fact that you were late.
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peel something away (from something)

to peel something from the surface of something. Peel the label away from the envelope and place it on the order form. Peel away the label carefully.
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peel something back (from something)

to lift something away from the surface of something. He peeled the sheets back from the bed and got in. He peeled back the sheets and got into the bed.
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Study done by Grimes9 showed that superficial peeling procedure is usually well tolerated in skin types III to VI.
Our group has conducted laboratory experiments and modeling studies to optimize the operating conditions (product surface temperature and heating time) for peeling tomatoes, pears, and peaches of different sizes and varieties.
Dermatologic surgeons have used various peeling agents for the last 100 years and are experts in performing multiple types of chemical peels.
Two broad types of peeling technologies - steam and caustic soda (or lye) - are used in the processing of tomatoes, whether for whole peeled or diced applications.
The abatement methodology for chipping and peeling paint requires a minimum of wet scraping and repainting, although it also could require the replacement of sheetrock.
The researchers discovered that the electrical current generated by the peeling tape fluctuates erratically.
Peeling is obviously the most effective way to remove pesticides that are on or in the peel.
Rolling Meadows, IL, January 05, 2019 --( The International Peeling Society (IPS), an organization dedicated to the field of chemical peels, announced the agenda for its 2019 Peeling Around the World educational session on the American Academy of Dermatology's (AAD) Global Education Day.
In experiments with more than 6,000 field-ripened Roma-style (sometimes called "plum") tomatoes, USDA scientist and ASABE member Zhongli Pan and his industry and university colleagues have shown that using infrared heating to simplify removal of the tomatoes' tight-fitting peels may offer advantages over other peeling technologies.
In this research, scientists at the University of California looked into a sustainable and alternative peeling technique that uses infrared (IR) heating to effectively separate tomato peels without relying on lye or steam environments.
Though the rain facilitates peeling, the process is considered a learned skill passed down through generations of the Sri Lankan salagma caste; a group, which strictly follows the traditions of their trade, traditions not dictated by growers.
Three separate peeling chambers provide superior peeling exposure and deliver potatoes with a smooth, polished surface.
It also had a fixed blade with a flat handle which I prefer to hold when peeling. Very good.
Because each sectioned piece retains its membrane covering, the fruit is firmer -- holding open the prospect that mechanical processes might eventually do the peeling and separating.