peel back

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peel something back (from something)

to lift something away from the surface of something. He peeled the sheets back from the bed and got in. He peeled back the sheets and got into the bed.
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Ever wondered what it would be like to peel back the layers of a stadium like an onion?
WALES backs coach Rob Howley last night welcomed Dwayne Peel back into the fold with the message: "We're lucky to have him back.
Once they turn brown (from midsummer on), you should peel back the husk to check the corn.
Wegmans Food Markets here ' Keeps Fresh has rolled out further innovations to the vacuum packaging for fresh meat that it introduced four years ago, including a larger tab on one side of the package that allows the consumer to slowly peel back the airtight seal.
More interested in recounting the old days are the singing Johnson Sisters -- Yolanda (Meryl Streep) and Rhonda (Lily Tomlin) -- who peel back layers of their past in their stories, many of them told to Yolanda's sullen daughter, Lola (Lindsay Lohan), who writes poems about suicide.
The adhesive bonds must be strong enough to withstand handling, shipping and storage without rupture or breakage, while being easy to peel back when necessary.
Daphne, Older": Peel back my skin: / reveal hard fibers, bite marks, // scars from wind and rain.
3] strikes an animal, copper petals peel back from the hollow nose section, which is separated from the lead core by a web of solid copper.
As consumers peel back the ring pull of Mr Whieldon's 'Filter Can', a tiny aluminium mesh filter piece swivels under the mouth piece, protecting the drink from unsavoury additions
To access liquid samples after storage, the film/foil may be pierced and the sample simply removed with a pipette, alternatively a removal key can be used to peel back the foil for complete sample removal.
The imaging techniques Tsiaras employs enable him to peel back layers of tissue from any angle and expose what goes on inside.
The phrase "consumer-driven health care" sounds good until you peel back the onion and find out what it really means.
Foolproof, however, is actually a lot more than just a fancy heist movie when you peel back a few layers.
Today's computer simulations offer a way to peel back layer by layer and study anatomical structure," says Associate Executive Director Wendell Mohling.