peel away

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peel something away (from something)

to peel something from the surface of something. Peel the label away from the envelope and place it on the order form. Peel away the label carefully.
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In the interim they peel away one by one and throw themselves about the space as though eternally damned.
When you peel away all the religious issues, the machinery of economics lies exposed, humming its endless stupid song.
Philip Yancey, an evangelical journalist, takes a second look at Jesus as portrayed in the gospels and tries to peel away layers of beliefs that had been accumulating in his mind since childhood.
Peel away the paper from the glass for a completed print.
The instrument - informally known as "Son of NIMS"- should effectively peel away like an onion skin the cloud layers that obscure Titans surface.
An armada of cars speeds through the streets towards their house, but as they narrow their choice, first through make and model, then color, then price, cars peel away.
PEEL AWAY PAINTED PLASTER My son and his wife have just moved into an old house and the two ornate plaster figures are coated in paint.
By slowly peeling away the layers of her clothes during the session, Sarah White believes it will allow her to peel away the layers of her clients' subconscious, reports the Daily Mail.
He said: "They were eating a piece of mango today and threw the peel away.
With Capital of Culture on the horizon, there would be no better way of spending a slice of the government's pounds 10m gift than to turn the grime to shine and peel away years of filth which hide some of the best buildings and statues in the UK.
When they're just cool enough to handle, squeeze them in a towel to loosen shells, then peel away shells and tough inner linings.
Says the sadistic Becker: ``I want to reset your violent proclivities and peel away your layers of hate.
On the top floor, the floor peels upwards to form counters, and restaurant storage walls peel away to become flexible partitions.
Bach's third Brandenburg Concerto and sections from the second, first, and sixth concerti, the new ballet opens with eight couples, in diamond formation, bobbing in plie before trios peel away, then coalescing into new shapes (circles, squares, diagonals).
Epidermolysis bullosa is a group of hereditary skin diseases in which something as light as a human touch can cause the skin to blister and peel away, inviting infection and laying down scar tissue.