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peek at someone or something

to sneak a glimpse at someone or something. Now, don't peek at me while I am changing my shirt. I peeked at the dessert you made. It looks delicious.
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peek in

(on someone or something) to glance quickly into a place to see someone or something. Would you please peek in on the baby?
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peek in(to something)

to steal a quick glimpse into something. Sam peeked into the oven to see what was cooking. Laura opened the oven door and peeked in.
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peek out

 (from behind someone or something)
1. to look outward from behind someone or something. A shy kitten peeked out from behind the sofa. I looked toward the back of the sofa just as a little cat face peeked out.
2. to show just a little bit with the rest concealed behind someone or something. A bit of yellow peeked out from behind the tree, so we knew Frank was hiding there. We saw a flash of Frank's yellow shirt peek out.
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peek out

 (from underneath someone or something)
1. to look outward from beneath someone or something. A small furry face peeked out from underneath the sofa. At the base of the sofa, a cat peeked out.
2. to show just a little bit with the rest concealed under someone or something. Her petticoat peeked out from underneath her skirt. Her skirt was a tad too short and a little bit of her slip peeked out.
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peek out of something

 (at someone or something)
1. to be inside of something and take a look out. A pair of glimmering eyes peeked out of the darkened room at the two people standing at the door. I peeked out of my room at the eerie shadows in the hallway. Jerry peeked out of the bathroom to see if anyone was looking.
2. [for a little bit of something] to be revealed with the rest concealed within. A bit of white skin peeked out beneath his pants cuff.
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peek over something

1. to examine something with a quick glance. I really can't say how good the story was. I only peeked over it. I peeked over your manuscript, and it looks good.
2. to raise up and look over some barrier. I peeked over the wall and saw the lovely garden. Don't peek over the sofa and let Roger see you. It will ruin the surprise.
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peek through

1. to peer or glimpse through something. I'll just peek through your picture album. I'll study it more carefully later. I only have time to peek through. I would like to spend more time with it later.
2. [for something] to become slightly visible through something. Mary, the lace of your slip is peeking throughyour blouse! Some lace is peeking through.
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peek under something

to sneak a little glance beneath something. I peeked under the table, hoping to see the dog waiting therefor the part of my dinner I wasn't going to eat. Peek under the chair and see if the cat is there.
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Another good way to discourage peeking is by setting up away and having the pitcher throw inside or by starting inside and sliding outside.