peek over

peek over something

1. to examine something with a quick glance. I really can't say how good the story was. I only peeked over it. I peeked over your manuscript, and it looks good.
2. to raise up and look over some barrier. I peeked over the wall and saw the lovely garden. Don't peek over the sofa and let Roger see you. It will ruin the surprise.
See also: over, peek
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The melting enthalpy which corresponds to the PEEK-rich phase was estimated by assuming that the crystallinity generated in that phase per mass of PEEK is the same as the crystallinity measured for pure PEEK over identical crystallization conditions; this is a reasonable first approximation, given that the composition of the PEEK-rich phase approaches 100% PEEK.
The glass-transition temperatures and phase compositions reported herein are in excellent agreement with the values reported by Harris and Robeson (11), and indicate the presence of a PEEK-rich phase which is comprised of very nearly pure PEEK and a PAr-rich mixed phase which contains 10 wt% to 40 wt% PEEK over the range of compositions examined [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4a OMITTED].