slang Angry. A mild substitute for the slang term "pissed." (Also formed as "p'd" and "p'ed.") I could tell that he was peed, so I just gave him some space to cool off.
See also: pee
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (Euphemistic for pissed.) His old lady gets pee’d after a few beers.
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I know there are important issues here but I was getting pee'd off listening to it all and decided to dingy it for a day or two and vowed to get tore into one of my favourite passions on earth.
"Wow, he is so compassionate, that-'s why he takes a selfie picture with the PM of England and the Dutch PM while his pee'd off wife sits there in the distance.
This guy refused to recognise anyone and pee'd in a garda van.
Louis added: "I do get pee'd off with Simon when I'm not given the best category.
* 3--Poe'd pud-pawed, pee'd, & pooh-pooh'ed paid pod-pad.
Over the past three years, the annual art auction, which was part of the Pee'd Off With Cancer campaign, has raised more than pounds 60,000 for the Edgbaston-based charity's research centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Quite scary leaving the store - there was lots of pee'd off people who didn't get there early enough to get one hoping to buy them off us."
"To be frank, the workforce is pretty pee'd off," he added.
Well, probably some of Miller's new-found conservative friends, who would find his observation that "I could probably count on one hand those [environmentalists] in Washington who are real outdoorsmen, the ones who would "know the difference between a pine and a poplar, the ones who have, excuse me, ever 'pee'd' in the woods" a trenchant critique of the environmentalist movement.
Yes, I pee'd in an empty bottle while the lads looked on.