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Short for "pectoral muscle," one of the two large, flat muscles that go across one's chest. Typically used in the plural. Wow, my pecs are really sore after that workout!
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and pecs and pects (pɛk(t)s)
n. the pectoral muscles. (From weightlifting and bodybuilding.) Look at the pecks on that guy!
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"The purpose of PECT is to share ideas, resources and creativity so that we can continue to reach out to the community to educate them about the court system, the independence of the judiciary, and the workings of the courts."
Second Circuit: Judge Augustus Aikens said the circuit currently has two components to its PECT program: school/civic speakers and communications.
Fourth Circuit: Judge Pauline Drayton-Harris reported that although the PECT program isn't formally initiated in Duval County yet, the judges actively participate in public education through speaking engagements.
Ninth Circuit: As in the eighth circuit, the ninth circuit PECT program has help from the Court Administrator's Public Information Officer, who sends out news releases and deals directly with the media, noted Judge C.
The project provides young people with training in bike repairs and maintenance to enhance their job pros- pects. Once repaired, the bikes are sold back cheaply to residents to help fund the project.
Like all as- pects of business, actions speak louder than words (or logos) and the re-branding roll-out comes shortly after the stepping down of CEO Ed Borgerding and lay-offs throughout the workforce.
D = dorsal-fin elements; A = anal-fin elements; Pect. = pectoral-fin rays; Pelvic = pelvic-fin rays; LLs = lateral line scales; LLp = pored lateral line scales; GR = gill rakers, lower + upper; GRt = total gill rakers; Vert.
The CTA also purchases and funds post-entry clinical training (PECT) programmes for mental health nurses who have been in mental health and/or its specialist areas for at least two years.
Suggestions have been made for future purchasing that could mean greater access and availability of PECT programmes.
When we finally caught up with Jim Hytner last month, he was in Cannes - as you'd ex- pect. And again, as you'd ex- pect, he was on very fine form.
Despite Hytner insisting that talks with Unilever are on- going, he is perhaps buoyed by reports that Initiative is ex- pected to take on some global communications planning work for the FMCG giant pre- viously held by Mindshare.
In the near future, Iraq is ex- pected to be the world's biggest source of new oil supplies.