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Short for "pectoral muscle," one of the two large, flat muscles that go across one's chest. Typically used in the plural. Wow, my pecs are really sore after that workout!


and pecs and pects (pɛk(t)s)
n. the pectoral muscles. (From weightlifting and bodybuilding.) Look at the pecks on that guy!
See also: peck


See pecks
See also: Pécs


See pecks
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It is because of this failure on the part of the PEC that government organisations faced problems and suffered losses on a number of occasions.
Prof Dr Niaz Ahmad Akhtar, Vice Chairman PEC (Punjab) and members of the governing body.
For example, PEC could collaborate with various building control authorities to ensure adequate building bye-laws, contractors' acceptable qualifications, soundness of construction, compliance with fire safety and public health engineering, developing national engineering standards which have direct bearing on construction and installation, etc.
The PEC VP (Power Supply and Energy Services) Ingmar Sterzing revealed, PEC is excited to work with RES for the development of our solar projects.
Hoping that the new building will become a second home for engineers, he announced that PEC would continue to serve the nation as per the high standards set in its objectives and play its due role in the development of the country.
The determination of PEC s-t paths (for [PSI] = 0) over arbitrary c-edge-colored graphs was first solved by Edmonds for two colors (see Lemma 1.
She said the PEC has asked the committee to come back in January with more information about its name and mission statement change, and will also be seeking input from the Equal Opportunities Law Section.
The FDA trigger corresponds to a PEC in surface water of 0.
If PEC cannot or is too shy to enforce their own rules, then the role of regulating the engineering profession in Pakistan should be given to some other organization, like Institute of Engineers of Pakistan (IEP) and PEC should only be allowed to regulate the engineering educational sector only as they have already failed the engineering professionals of Pakistan many times by allowing non-engineers to take over their jobs.
But due to the monopoly, the contractors having category C-3 and above have to submit their renewal cases to the PEC head office Islamabad and category C-4 and above for upgradation from across the country.
Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) was established through the PEC Act 1976.
The workshop was largely attended by professional engineers form different departments including Irrigation Department, Public Health Engineering Department, Communication and Works Department, Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) and officials of PEC.
However, PEC strives to take customer service to the next level, a standard to which their “A” rating from the BBB attests.
Parker Roller Ball Pen Refill (Blue & Black) Per Pec