pearls of wisdom

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pearl of wisdom

A piece of valuable advice. The phrase is sometimes used sarcastically. The old woman shared her pearls of wisdom with the struggling teen, in the hopes of making him feel better. Thanks for the pearl of wisdom, buddy, but your suggestion is ridiculous.
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pearls of ˈwisdom

(usually ironic) good advice; wise remarks: They all gathered round her, hoping for some of her pearls of wisdom.
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pearls of wisdom

Brilliant sayings or precepts. This phrase, which dates from the late 1800s, is often used sarcastically. The Daily Chronicle had it on December 12, 1907: “The gramophonist will redistribute the pearls of wisdom which have fallen from the lips of great Unionist statesmen to crowds of admiring villagers.”
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Guests were greeted by a refreshing pitcher of lemonade and a place to drop their pearls of wisdom for the bride-to-be.
CULTURED: Jeff and Margaret Myatt enjoy the Pearls of Wisdom flower festival in Brighouse Central Methodist Church.
YOU can learn so much from the pearls of wisdom contained in the Psalms.
Throughout the book, pearls of wisdom from Oliphant accompany the classes.
I eagerly await inspirational pearls of wisdom that will make parents rush their tikes to the local bookstore.
I patted the passenger seat, pouted at the vanity mirror and practised one of my favourite pearls of wisdom - don't just do something, sit there.
Here you find Antonio Gramsci alongside Yogi Berra, pearls of wisdom from both Gautama Buddha and Hans-Ulrich Obrist.
Laced throughout with simple pearls of wisdom on achieve both business and personal success.
An experienced chief medical officer shares pearls of wisdom on ways to maintain the delicate balance between the medical staff and the administration.
I especially enjoy the pearls of wisdom from Clint Smith, the lessons in practicality from Massad Ayoob, and John Connor consistently makes me fall onto the floor laughing
These pearls of wisdom emanate from the arrogant but cringingly hilarious David Brent, the fictional office manager from the BBC hit sitcom, The Office.
Author Jonetta Rose Barras offers these pearls of wisdom on how to heal the wounds of fatherlessness:
DIPPY Nush made us smile with these pearls of wisdom during her time in the house.
The Assembly scribes, who toil day in, day out to capture every dot and comma of the pearls of wisdom from our elected representatives, got a pat on the back from Peter Law AM.
The winner of the board's 2001 award for "outstanding parental contribution" Andrew Mackenzie, of Derby, had two other pearls of wisdom to offer: "Be around as a feeding station" and "Don't nag".