pearl of wisdom

pearl of wisdom

A piece of valuable advice. The phrase is sometimes used sarcastically. The old woman shared her pearls of wisdom with the struggling teen, in the hopes of making him feel better. Thanks for the pearl of wisdom, buddy, but your suggestion is ridiculous.
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a pearl of wisdom

If you describe something that someone has said or written as a pearl of wisdom, you mean that it sounds very wise or helpful. I tried to attract the attention of a passing waitress and waited for Josh's next pearl of wisdom. We here in Arkansas are always so grateful for all the pearls of wisdom that may fall from Mr. Greenberg's lips. Note: People usually use this expression humorously, to suggest that in fact they think the person is saying something very obvious, boring or silly.
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pearls of ˈwisdom

(usually ironic) good advice; wise remarks: They all gathered round her, hoping for some of her pearls of wisdom.
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pearls of wisdom

Brilliant sayings or precepts. This phrase, which dates from the late 1800s, is often used sarcastically. The Daily Chronicle had it on December 12, 1907: “The gramophonist will redistribute the pearls of wisdom which have fallen from the lips of great Unionist statesmen to crowds of admiring villagers.”
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Another pearl of wisdom from the diet guru is that breakfast cereals which colour milk should be avoided.
Glancing through Woman and Home magazine - as you do - I was taken by a pearl of wisdom in an interview with BBC2's new weekday morning queen.
It's a moral obligation to dig deep and find that little glimmer of hope or pearl of wisdom.
In another pearl of wisdom, which attracted 200,718 "likes" from followers, the 'Riddick' star asserted that "you angels can turn hate to love, change poison into medicine and replace doubt with dreams".
Is that another pearl of wisdom from Migration Watch or did he just make it up?
Dear Junior Lows, Pearl of Wisdom number 3: Always remember to consider what is really important in life.
Hussman was targeted for attention in a separate "In My Opinion" as Combs serves up this pearl of wisdom attributed to Adolf Hitler:
Yesterday's pearl of wisdom from the great man was: "The third round I think is the most important one.
McCall's report on gambling had an unexpected pearl of wisdom on page 4, "If a state does not legalize casinos then it will participate unwillingly in the adverse impacts from casino gambling without sharing in any of the benefits.
Each chapter is illustrated with lively black and white drawings to bring each pearl of wisdom to life.
Pity that little pearl of wisdom didn't provide one or two with a tiny reminder-ette about between-the-sheets etiquette eh?
To win this week's Daily Post pounds 10, give us a giggle by telling us what pearl of wisdom was Rafael Benitez imparting on Steven Gerrard and Peter Crouch in training.
This week's pearl of wisdom is pertinent, especially if several people are winding you up.
SCARLETT JOHANSSON, the all-knowing 21-year-old oracle, has come out with another pearl of wisdom.