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grow a pair

vulgar slang To start acting in a strong, confident, and/or courageous manner, especially after having previously failed to do so. Though short for "grow a pair of testicles/balls" (discretion should be used because of this), the phrase can be said by or of either a male or female. Often used as an imperative. You need to grow a pair and ask your boss for a raise already! Janet, I know you're nervous about asking Tom out on a date, but just grow a pair and give it a shot!
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go pear-shaped

To fail or fall apart. What are we going to do this weekend if our plans go pear-shaped? Well, Molly's surprise party went pear-shaped once she accidentally found out about it.

go pear-shaped

COMMON If a situation or activity goes pear-shaped, it starts to fail or have problems. We started well, but it all went pear-shaped and we lost five matches in a row. He is always asked to comment whenever the global economy goes pear-shaped.

go pear-shaped

go wrong. informal
This phrase originated as RAF slang, as a humorously exaggerated allusion to the shape of an aircraft that has crashed nose first. Today, however, people probably assume it derives from the idea of a woman gaining weight on her hips.
1998 Spectator Unfortunately it all went pear-shaped because the programme to which I was going to peg my babblings…just wasn't interesting enough to sustain a whole review.

go ˈpear-shaped

(British English, informal) if things go pear-shaped, they go wrong: Everything was going really well for Dave until the last week of the course, when it all went a bit pear-shaped and he failed an assignment. OPPOSITE: work/go like a dream
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