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peak TV

The period of proliferation of TV shows in the late 2010s resulting in a multitude of quality programs across streaming, cable, and broadcast platforms. The phrase, attributed to CEO of FX Networks John Landgraf, originally referred to the seeming unsustainability of such a large number of shows. It's peak TV, and I'm actively watching eight different shows, not including the ones I want to watch but don't have time to!
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widow's peak

A point in the hairline in the middle of one's forehead. Now known to be a genetic trait, it was once believed to indicate early widowhood. My sister has a widow's peak. Does this haircut make my widow's peak too noticeable?
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A second discharge peaked one-fifth of a second after the first and also declined following the initial syllable presentation.
It peaked at 84.8 percent in March 1989 and fell to a cyclical low of 78.3 percent two years later.
So far in the nineties, capacity growth has slowed to an annual rate of only about 1 percent; the rate of capacity utilization in primary processing, which had peaked at 88 percent in early 1989, recovered from its recessionary dive to a moderate rate of 84 percent in early 1993.
The 888 laboratory-confirmed cases of Puumala virus infection (1.74; 95% CI 1.62-1.85) peaked in late 1995 and occurred throughout Finland.
For tularemia (Figure, panel D) and Pogosta disease (Figure, panel C), the PDRD searches and the cases in NIDR rose from a low baseline level, peaked sharply, and then declined in parallel.
Like the earlier estimates, the revised ones show that utilization peaked in late 1988--early 1989 and that pressures on capacity have diminished since then because output has leveled off while capacity has continued to expand.