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widow's peak

A point in the hairline in the middle of one's forehead. Now known to be a genetic trait, it was once believed to indicate early widowhood. My sister has a widow's peak. Does this haircut make my widow's peak too noticeable?
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peak TV

The period of proliferation of TV shows in the late 2010s resulting in a multitude of quality programs across streaming, cable, and broadcast platforms. The phrase, attributed to CEO of FX Networks John Landgraf, originally referred to the seeming unsustainability of such a large number of shows. It's peak TV, and I'm actively watching eight different shows, not including the ones I want to watch but don't have time to!
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The good news is that the peak oil doomsters are probably wrong that world oil production is about to decline forever.
So it's business as usual, with the politicians in denial, until we finally see the oil peak in the rear-view mirror.
Applying this production model to the entire United States, taking into account the rate at which new fields were being discovered, Hubbert predicted that oil production in the lower 48 states would peak around 1970 and then start declining.
To make kriging maps as contour maps showing the timing of peak ILI activity, we performed the following steps.
The upper spectrum has a strong and broad peak at 741 [cm.
Characterization of microstructure, from the analysis of peak shapes,
Another such peak, recently observed at Pennsylvania State University in University Park, has pointed researchers to yet another class of cage-like molecules with as much, if not more, potential for practical application as the fullerenes.
Specimen #1A is obviously damaged to the naked eye, and shows a peak temperature drop of 40 %.
For major elements (where the peak intensity is much greater than background), the choice of x-ray line and of spectrometer crystal (where different choices are available) is governed simply by the criterion of maximum intensity (and hence minimum counting time for given statistical uncertainty).
The input data to the [omega] scan calculation are the optics of the diffractometer and a [theta]-2[theta] scan of the hkl peak taken from the textured sample.