peachy keen

peachy (keen)

mod. fine; excellent. Your idea is really peachy!
See also: keen, peachy
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Many in bioethics believe that unborn and newly born human beings do not possess the cognitive capacities to qualify as a "person"--and hence, abortion equals infanticide--and it is all just peachy keen.
Their forte is peachy keen electro guitar pop and wide-eyed, heart-burned lullabies.
Their Peachy Keen, a white tea with peach flavor, was selected as a favorite by Tea Time Magazine, a national publication.
We like to think that as long as we aren't impinging on others' rights or they on ours, everything is peachy keen because we have more choices available to us than darn near anywhere else or at any other time in history.
The use of television ads and flavors like Cherry Crush and Peachy Keen are affecting American youth as more young people use electronic cigarettes every year.
You can be peachy keen (which is no bad thing), be given a plum assignment, go bananas, have a pear-shaped figure or be cool as a cucumber.
DUCTAC's Emma Haggerty said: "The successful auditionees will need to be peachy keen as they will go on to take part in three weeks of intensive theatre workshops and rehearsals with some of the UK and USA's top creative talent,
You can find something along the lines of peach all right, but it will be Peach Burst, Peach Fuzz, Peach Slush, or Peachy Keen, not plain old Peach.
These additions have included Mandarin Cream Lemonade, Minted Raspberry Lemonade, Peachy Keen Splash and Jolly Gingerbread Fizz.
Packaged in glass bottles with a roller ball lid they come in a range of lip- smacking fruity flavours like Nan a Banana,Melon Ball,Granny Smith and Peachy Keen.
Meet Peachy Keen, a brightly colored peach that guides users through food safety information from the DuPage County Health Department in Illinois.
Q: In 1961, you said that we were ruled by "artificial values," and you spoke with contempt of the view "that everything in this slipping land of ours is peachy keen.
What has evolved is a strange contest between the doomsayers and the naysayers--one side asserting that life as we know it is about to end, the other that everything is peachy keen.