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peaches and cream

1. (hyphenated if used before a noun) Of skin (especially on the face), very fair, clear, and soft, especially with a rosy hue. I've heard that women in older times actually bathed with milk to maintain a peaches-and-cream complexion.
2. Of a situation, transpiring, progressing, or unfolding exceptionally easily or well. Our company had a bit of a rocky start, but everything's been peaches and cream for the last few months.
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you're a peach

You are wonderful and/or helpful. You brought me coffee? Ah, you're a peach. Thank you much for picking up the cupcakes on your way to the party—you're a peach.
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crazy as a betsy bug

Insane. Don't leave me alone with Uncle Stu, he's crazy as a betsy bug!
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cut your peaches

Continue with what you were doing. Go cut your peaches—I'll call you when I need your help.
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*crazy as a betsy bug

 and *crazy as a peach-orchard boar; *crazy as a loon
Rur. acting as if insane. (*Also: as ~.) Tom: Susan says she's really the Queen of England. Bill: She's crazy as a betsy bug. Jill: David's a little eccentric, isn't he? Jane: Crazy as a loon, I'd say. What's wrong with Jim? He's acting as crazy as a peach-orchard boar.
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cut your peaches

Rur. go on with what you were doing. Stop gawking and cut your peaches. There's no need for you to follow me around. Go cut your peaches.
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a peach of a —

a particularly excellent or desirable thing of the kind specified. informal
Peach has been used since the mid 18th century as a colloquial term for an attractive young woman and more generally since the mid 19th century for anything of exceptional quality.
1998 Spectator Neil Pollard…rode a peach of a race…to win the two-mile marathon.
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peaches and cream

(of a girl's complexion) of a cream colour with downy pink cheeks.
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n. someone or something excellent. (Usually a person.) That guy’s a real peach.
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A medium-sized peach is around 60 calories she says, and is a good source of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C and niacin, otherwise known as vitamin B3 -- a deficiency of which can cause nausea, skin and mouth lesions, anemia, headaches and tiredness; so even if you aren't the biggest fan of peaches, the alternative might make you reconsider.
In the months leading to her death, Peaches had seemingly turned her life around after quitting her party lifestyle in London.
Malibu Peaches N'Cream is a fun, nostalgic way for consumers to enjoy favorite summertime flavors," says Josh Hayes, senior brand manager for Pernod Ricard USA.
SVEDKA PEACHES & CREAM 1 part SVEDKA Peach 2 parts cream (or milk)
Officers have narrowed down the search for a possible "pick-up" spot to several key areas visited by Peaches in the days before she died - including central London.
Model and TV presenter Peaches was found dead at home on April 7 while caring for her younger son Phaedra, 11 months.
Peaches, dear Peaches, it's too soon to know, Why today you were taken,why you had to go.
To brew Peach Grand Cru, Great Divide sourced organic peaches from Palisade's Rancho Durazno, a farm owned by longtime family friends of brewery Founder and President Brian Dunn," said Great Divide spokesperson Doug Christie.
According to the prefectural government, Fukushima peaches had been priced at 439 yen per kilogram before the nuclear disaster, but the price fell to 222 yen in 2011.
Sigler, Chief Executive Officer of the Peaches Group (PEACHES mobile GmbH, PEACHES Systems GmbH, REA MOBILE GmbH).
Blueberries, in great demand globally for their reputation as an antioxidant-rich "superfood," surpassed peaches as Georgia's top fruit crop several years ago.
Sometime around mid-June, the buzz around town is peppered with exuberant squeals proclaiming the arrival of the fresh peaches.
PEACHES Geldof announced yesterday she had become a mum for the first time.
SUMMER is surely the season for peaches as they reach their optimal ripeness and become second to none in terms of taste.