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peaches and cream

1. Of skin (especially on the face), very fair, clear, and soft, especially with a rosy hue. Often hyphenated when used before a noun. I've heard that women in older times actually bathed with milk to maintain a peaches-and-cream complexion.
2. Of a situation, transpiring, progressing, or unfolding exceptionally easily or well. Our company had a bit of a rocky start, but everything's been peaches and cream for the last few months.
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you're a peach

You are wonderful and/or helpful. You brought me coffee? Ah, you're a peach. Thank you much for picking up the cupcakes on your way to the party—you're a peach.
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crazy as a betsy bug

Insane. Don't leave me alone with Uncle Stu, he's crazy as a betsy bug!
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cut your peaches

Continue with what you were doing. Go cut your peaches—I'll call you when I need your help.
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a peach of a (something)

An excellent, ideal, or exemplary type of thing. Thank you for that, Mrs. Dawkins, it was a real peach of a meal! They won the game in the final seconds with a peach of a field goal.
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*crazy as a betsy bug

 and *crazy as a peach-orchard boar; *crazy as a loon
Rur. acting as if insane. (*Also: as ~.) Tom: Susan says she's really the Queen of England. Bill: She's crazy as a betsy bug. Jill: David's a little eccentric, isn't he? Jane: Crazy as a loon, I'd say. What's wrong with Jim? He's acting as crazy as a peach-orchard boar.
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cut your peaches

Rur. go on with what you were doing. Stop gawking and cut your peaches. There's no need for you to follow me around. Go cut your peaches.
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a peach of a —

a particularly excellent or desirable thing of the kind specified. informal
Peach has been used since the mid 18th century as a colloquial term for an attractive young woman and more generally since the mid 19th century for anything of exceptional quality.
1998 Spectator Neil Pollard…rode a peach of a race…to win the two-mile marathon.
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peaches and cream

(of a girl's complexion) of a cream colour with downy pink cheeks.
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n. someone or something excellent. (Usually a person.) That guy’s a real peach.
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