pay tribute to (someone or something)

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pay tribute to (someone or something)

To do something as a way of publicly showing respect or admiration for a particular person, group, or thing. The movie pays tribute to an old adventure serial that ran on television in the mid-1930s. Fans across the world are paying tribute to the pop star following his sudden death.
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pay tribute to someone or something

Fig. to salute someone or something; to give public recognition to someone or something. Many of Judy's friends gathered to pay tribute to her. We will have a reception to pay tribute to the work of the committee.
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pay ˈtribute to somebody/something

show that you respect or admire somebody/something: Members of the musical profession paid tribute to the late Leonard Bernstein.In the past, people often had to pay tribute to a ruler, which meant paying money in return for protection or for not being attacked.
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Pakistan pays tribute to the Kashmiri people on their sacrifices which they are paying in Indian occupied Kashmir.
The nation pays tribute to the APS martyrs.' Separately Punjab Human Rights and Minority Affairs Minister Aijaz Alam Augustine paid tribute to the victism of militant attack on Army Public School martyrs.
The drama pays tribute to the late soldier as an icon of resilience and steadfastness.
'The real heroes': Army chief pays tribute to police martyrs
The national song pays tribute to all the martyrs of the homeland including journalists, politicians, citizens and those who were laurelled with Nishan-e-Haider.
Summary: The Queen pays tribute to the athletes of the London 2012 Games.
Tom's work pays tribute to the working people of Teesside who toiled to provide the world with iron and steel for more than 150 years, and captures our industry, people and heritage with a moving pride and passion.
The eighth edition pays tribute to African cinema and offers Moroccan cinema lovers the opportunity to enjoy recent national and international films treating immigration issues.
FOND KISS: Scott McDonald, top, pays tribute to Phil, inset, at Fir Park
The famous bass Sir Willard White pays tribute to him in an evening of music from around the world at Llandudno next week.
The students are putting on Dames, which runs at the Butts Theatre, Coventry, on June 12 and 13, and will be showing off their singing, dancing and acting skills in a show which pays tribute to Hollywood movies from 1929 to 1939, including The Jazz Singer and the Wizard of Oz.
Nowadays, the Rio de Janeiro spectacle more likely pays tribute to people who have spent their lives building up supermarket chains or television game shows.
The entire nation remembers them and pays tribute to them.
In a statement issued here on Friday, he said that the entire nation pays tribute to the heroes of the nation.
Summary: Prince Charles pays tribute to his mother the Queen in a special television documentary to mark the Diamond Jubilee.