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grease payment

A sum of money, typically a bribe, paid to a government official or business person so as to facilitate or expedite some decision or transaction. Just offer the governor's aide a grease payment to move our building application to the forefront of the governor's agenda.
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lubrication payment

A small sum of money or other gifts or services to be paid or given to government officials to expedite business operations in countries that do not prohibit such activity. Whenever I start up a new factory overseas, I make sure to bring along enough cash on hand for any lubrication payments I may need to make.
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stop payment

Instruct a bank not to honor a check one has drawn, as in If that check was lost, we'll have to stop payment on it before issuing another. This usage was first recorded in 1722.
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I went to the medicine-man, what you call missionary, and had large talk about the bad water and the payment that should be mine.
We are much afraid that we must make large payment to the white man's people, and we hide our blankets, and our furs, and all our wealth, so that it will seem that we are poor people and can make only small payment.
He felt quite content, for he knew that he should have either payment or revenge.
The payment will be ten goats--fat goats--a new sleeping mat and two pieces of copper wire the length of a tall man's arm from the shoulder to the ends of his fingers, and it will be made in advance, the goats being driven to my cave.
Payments processing is moving at different speeds in Europe and North America
However, there is a little-known administrative exception, called the general welfare exception (GWE), which allows some payments not to be included in income.
In nonphysical injury cases, structured settlements, paired with nonqualified assignments, may provide plaintiffs with payment security and tax deferral resulting from periodic payments.
In the category of "no good deed goes unpunished," civilian employers seeking to ease the financial strain for employees recently called to active military duty are faced with having to determine the correct federal employment tax and reporting treatment of "differential" or "supplemental" payments made to these employees without the benefit of updated and concise guidance.
I am pleased to appear before the committee to discuss the arrangements the Federal Reserve is making to ensure the timely delivery of veterans' benefit payments made by direct deposit during the rollover to the Year 2000.
But not all of the banks are re-amortizing the loans so that interest payments are reduced.
com/reports/c49704) has announced the addition of Datamonitor's new report: The Changing Face of the Wholesale Payments Industry (Strategy Focus) to their offering.
When do family support payments constitute alimony?
2004-34 offers accrual-basis taxpayers several options to recognize income received from advance payments for goods or services, including deferral of some income into the succeeding tax year.
For example, the courts have held that awards for back pay and future pay to wrongfully terminated employees were FICA wages since the payments were a result of the employee-employer relationship.