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grease payment

A sum of money, typically a bribe, paid to a government official or business person so as to facilitate or expedite some decision or transaction. Just offer the governor's aide a grease payment to move our building application to the forefront of the governor's agenda.
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lubrication payment

A small sum of money or other gifts or services to be paid or given to government officials to expedite business operations in countries that do not prohibit such activity. Whenever I start up a new factory overseas, I make sure to bring along enough cash on hand for any lubrication payments I may need to make.
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stop payment

To prevent a bank check or wire transfer from being honored or processed and having the funds leave an account. The bank stopped payment when they suspected that the signature on the check had been forged. Unfortunately, as the direct debit has already been issued for this month, you'll have to call the bank to stop payment.
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stop payment

Instruct a bank not to honor a check one has drawn, as in If that check was lost, we'll have to stop payment on it before issuing another. This usage was first recorded in 1722.
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The Eastern District Court ruled in favor of the taxpayers, saying the payments were not for past, present or future services but rather payments for not working.
2 million to $270,000 in exchange for a payment of $75,000.
If the borrower just wants to reduce payments, he or she can specify the monthly payment.
Excessive end of-the-month bookkeeping was no longer needed because parents always knew the exact payment expected each month.
Approximately 1,300 financial institutions, including banks, thrift institutions, and credit unions, and 89 electronic payment processors responded to three surveys that looked at methods and volumes of retail payments.
In addition, any such taxpayer will be deemed to have reasonable cause for any late payment accompanying a return filed on or before Dec.
The payment rules were written to be neither country- nor network-specific, to enhance their adoptability and global appeal.
The IRS argued that all parents are required to support their children until the age of emancipation; therefore the taxpayer would be required to make child support payments if his ex-wife died, thus creating a substitute payment liability.
The idea that a tort victim would receive a stream of payments payable over his or her life (as opposed to a lump sum) raised a variety of issues, including the appropriate tax treatment of such a payment stream.
But others are merely using the state payment to lop off the back end, refusing to re-adjust the payment schedules.