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above (one's) paycheck

Beyond one's level of authority or expertise. I would love to sign off on those documents for you, Jim, but that's above my paycheck. Gina can't decide if we get interns this summer or not—that's above her paycheck!
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live paycheck to paycheck

To spend all of the money one earns by or before the next time one is paid, thus saving none or very little in the process. Primarily heard in US. We're already living paycheck to paycheck, so I don't know how we'll manage this sudden increase in our rent.
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Payroll professionals teach young adults about the payroll withholding system and the basics of how their paycheck is calculated through an interactive presentation.
The estimator can help you figure out how much should be withheld from your paycheck. Use the result to submit a new W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate if needed.
Ross also downplayed the economic hardship facing federal employees who are not receiving a paycheck, essentially working for free until they receive promised back pay.
Atlanta, GA, February 21, 2018 --( ezPaycheck payroll software speeds up tax calculation, paycheck printing and form filing.
"The fundamental issue is that it should be the choice of the employee to receive a paycheck. What this bill does is take away that choice, and that is the problem."
The $16.4 million Metro North Credit Union found itself in a difficult situation after a member complained publicly about being sued by the Jacksonville, Fla.-based cooperative over a bounced paycheck.
"This is about allowing state employees to spend their paychecks as they see fit," Lucio said.
Lee Terry, R-Neb., was asked whether he'd continue to collect his paycheck during the government shutdown, he offered a defiant response: "Dang straight.''
Like them, Quinn will also go without a paycheck until the system is reformed.
2) When are people most open to covering their paychecks? Is it at the milestones in life, like getting married, having a baby, buying a house, etc.?
He asks that anyone who has an overdue paycheck to call administration.
Lewis, who is also known as the "absent-minded professor" in the office, came in this morning and reported that he had misplaced his paycheck. He asked for a replacement check to be issued.
"All employees will receive their paychecks at the end of the month," he added.
* As any nine-to-fiver will attest, a new paycheck brings with it a familiar sense of freedom.