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above (one's) paycheck

Beyond one's level of authority or expertise. I would love to sign off on those documents for you, Jim, but that's above my paycheck. Gina can't decide if we get interns this summer or not—that's above her paycheck!
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live paycheck to paycheck

To spend all of the money one earns by or before the next time one is paid, thus saving none or very little in the process. Primarily heard in US. We're already living paycheck to paycheck, so I don't know how we'll manage this sudden increase in our rent.
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American Payroll Association (APA) has announced it urges those who receive paychecks to turn to their payroll department to tap into the power their paychecks, the company said.
And even though we're more than halfway through the year, it's still a perfect time to do a paycheck checkup.
Without one, you'll remain in the dark, and you'll have a harder time ditching the paycheck to paycheck routine.
Factoring in a state semi-monthly paycheck average of $1,62, Lexington County had a paycheck friendliness index of 31.92, while Richland County had a paycheck friendliness index of 29.61.
Trump, when justifying the shutdown, has frequently maintained, without providing evidence, that federal workers support the need for a border wall even if it means going without a paycheck.
Small to mid-size companies can now calculate taxes, print paychecks, generate reports and print tax forms in-house.
"You are not homeless due to the loss of a paycheck. You are homeless because of trauma, mental illness, addiction, criminal behavior and a lifetime of bad choices.
Under a bill approved by the NH Senate, employers would no longer be required to offer paychecks to their employees but could pay them electronically or with a debit card instead.
workers were also more likely to report living paycheck to paycheck than workers in all but four of the 10 developing countries included.
Larkins cashed a $680 paycheck he earned from Latitude 360, a casual dining and entertainment center that shut down its Jacksonville location in January because of financial issues.
"On the day of the fair, students get a paycheck based on a career that they select,'' explained Laura Spear, of the Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley.
3) How do we attract a broader audience to the subject of paycheck coverage?
But most men dealing with the child support system are not the paycheck eater.
The other is a "paycheck protection" measure that would ban the practice of unions' deducting money from member paychecks to spend on political activism.
He asks that anyone who has an overdue paycheck to call administration.