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Revenge or retribution. Many people believe the demotion was payback for his refusal to support the legislation. I could see him staggering over to us, drunk as a skunk and looking for payback.

it's payback time

It is time to seek revenge against or retribution from someone or something; it is time for someone or something to get what they deserve. They stole the championship from us last year; now, it's payback time.
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it’s ˈpayback time

(especially American English, informal) used to say that you are now going to make somebody suffer because of something bad he/she did to you: You were mean to me when we were kids, and now it’s payback time!
See also: payback, time


n. retribution. You hit me, I hit you. That’s your payback.
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With a shorter payback period, there's less of a chance that market conditions, interest rates, the economy or other factors will drastically change.
The payable method ignores any benefits that occur after the payback period, so a project that returns $100,000 after a three year payback period is ranked lower than a project that returns zero after a two year period.
The payback method described above is often used in valuations to test whether the goodwill implied in a valuation will be paid back in a reasonable time.
However, this might not be the best option available because the payback still can be lower than if automated equipment were used.
And as with the other forms of automation, payback is a driving factor in creating the right system.
Any statements contained in this press release that relate to prospective events or developments, including statements about paybacks from the use of our products, are deemed to be forward-looking statements.
Dow Chemical achieved a six-month payback for an energy
Paybacks typically are as quick as 10 to 30 months, with an average expected life span on the equipment of over 10 years.
Besides the quick paybacks, owners report that both employees and consumers love the Smart-Packs and say that they create a much cleaner, fresher, state-of-the-art dining environment.
Increasing payback odds not only accelerates a player's chances to win more, and more often, but also re-emphasizes that what we say and advertise, we deliver.